It uses the jungle...

Brickshelfer snyderman presents a fully poseable Predator figure.

7 comments on “It uses the jungle...

  1. Lego Shark

    Heh… no. I’ve got it bookmarked. :) any time im not eating, sleeping or fishing, im on my computer. I like this site and visit while i can. I’m not sure that mac computers have “refresh”… i dont have much experience on PCs. back at the point- when i see an interesting picture anywhere, i spring at it. this site has a bounty of those,so i spring at this whenever possible. I mean i’ve only been whatching this site for a few weeks, and i love it! :D

  2. smcginnis

    This is pretty cool… and kinda strange. The articulation looks good, but my favorite parts are the hands and the spear thing; they look great.

    Anyway, Lego Shark, Safari’s equivalent of ‘refresh’ is ‘reload’ (a name which I quite prefer). Both Dunechaser and I use Macs too (well, I’m not sure if Dune’ still does…).


  3. Dez

    Haha. I check TBB a lot, but not that often. IT does my heart good to see that someone still reads Snoikle. I’m kinda swinging back and forth between blogs currently. Hopefully I can update both.

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