1959 Opel Kapitaen P-LV by Michael Jasper

Michael Jasper presents an updated version of his 1959 Opel Kapitaen.

5 comments on “1959 Opel Kapitaen P-LV by Michael Jasper

  1. Lego Shark

    Sweet! i love how he did the grill. I gotta get me some silver components.

    also… what a coinkydink! i was just at a car show near me and im trying to re-creat a belair with LDD.

  2. smcginnis

    Another awesome creation from Michael Jasper. The design is amazing; I also like the use of a hook as a key, very clever.


  3. The Brickster

    This oldie is so excellent and detailed, I’m surprised it doesn’t have white-wall tires. This is truly impressive and would make a great new Lego theme. Very nice!

  4. Paul

    Surprisingly, I’m impressed with the use of a pirate hook as the key and the antenna as the windshield wipers. Good times.

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