Dragon Transport by Iskra

Brickshelfer Iskra presents a dragon as a means of transportation, an entry in the “BTT” contest over at LugPol. (Via Klocki.)

3 comments on “Dragon Transport by Iskra

  1. Lego Shark

    hehe yeah i was looking t the semi puny wings too. Then again, dragons are mythical creatures and Theres no way of determinigng thier actual relative wing volume… err mass… whatever. Wing size. the head and neck look a little like a skink’s… while the tail sure appears to be one of an anole. (u- no- lee)

    I dont know about you but i think th guy holding the dragon down with the chain has about the iq of a criminal in scooby doo. I mean he knows he can hold down a 20 ton fire breathing beast with chain. I think it would be more realistic if the dragon had his own independant taxi service. just sayin.

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