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A Sticker is Worth a Thousand Words

At least, that’s how I remember the adage. Halfbeak has posted a creation on Flickr that makes fantastic use of stickers to add contrast and detail. I’m always a fan of checker patterns, and the stripe on the helmet is a great touch. The aesthetic reminds me of THX-1138, while the name (Koma Police) has gotten a song stuck in my head.

Koma Police

Then & now: Kaitimar updates his Blade Runner Spinner

We first featured this sleek Spinner from Blade Runner by Gorazd Vahen (Kaitimar) more than five years ago. In the intervening years, Gorazd has tweaked his model and added some excellent virtual decals.

Spinner-final version

The most notable improvements are the police lights, as well as a sleeker and smoother rear behind the cab. It’s always interesting to see how builders continually improve their work, and for those who hadn’t seen it before, I hope you like Gorazd’s Spinner as much as I do.

Muntstraat Police Headquarters

Jasper Joppe Geers incorporates some beautiful custom Art Deco windows into his design for this two-story building with a complete interior.


Via Klocki.