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What Fabuland characters do to exercise

Jordan Schwartz is one of those builders we’d like to blog more often, but with new creations just about every day, we’re not quite ready to turn The Brothers Brick into the Sir Nadroj Show. ;-)

Jordan’s latest is an adorable Fabuland scene (aren’t they all?) depicting a pair of Fabuland characters squaring off in a sumo ring:

Fabuland crosses black fantasy

Jordan Schwartz’s (SirNadroj) fascination with the Fabuland theme is spreading its presence to everywhere. His latest work encroaches upon two themes of my world: surrealism and black fantasy. The result is something dynamically hilarious in my opinion. Nice work Jordan, way to bring the Fabuland happiness plague to the dark realm of interdimensional and biomechanical despair :)

Sir Nadroj’s Fabuland lolrus has a bukkit

Sir Nadroj has recently gotten into Fabuland, a range of LEGO sets from the late 1970’s through the 1980’s.

His latest creation includes a walrus, a beloved blue bucket, and, well, that’s all that really matters in life, isn’t it?

There’s a video showing how the boat rocks back and forth:

A lovely tractor driven by a pig:

For more Fabuland madness, check out Sir Nadroj’s photostream, the Fabuland Builders’ Guild on Flickr, or the inspiration for all of this, the Fabuland Housewives on BrickZone.net.