The last resort in building

Whatever happened to Fabuland – the 1980s animal-character driven play theme from LEGO – appears to be Dutch builder Sebastiaan Artsraison d’être in creating his last habitat in the world. In one of the strangest takes on the post-apocalyptic theme, the various animal-headed Fabuland characters have holed up in the Last Resort, a towering orange residential complex.

The Last Place on Earth 1

Raised on stilts above what I assume is a toxic lake, it marries clever science fiction construction techniques with home building play features. I’m simultaneously drawn to the industrial detailing, such as the brilliantly concertinaed entrance tunnel, and its smart interiors and boating lake.

The Last Place on Earth 6

Add to this masterful building in the form of its subtly curved roof and inset, brick-built typefaces and you have a standout model.

The Last Place on Earth 16

Best of all, though, the diorama entices me to think about this motley band of survivors and the stories you might tell about them.

The Last Place on Earth 15