Fabulous Fabuland AT-AT walks straight into our hearts

When you hear the words “Star Wars,” I bet the word “trilogy” pops into your head. Whether it’s the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, or the Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars defines itself by its cinematic trios. That’s why it’s so fitting that Stewart Cromar has created a third model in his Star Wars x Fabuland series – the FAB-AT-AT, or “Fabuland Playhouse.”

'FAB-AT-AT' (4/4)

This primary-colored walking playhouse has plenty of room in the cockpit for Fabuland friends to keep the driver company on the long road trips. And everyone has a great view through the front facing bay window.

'FAB-AT-AT' (3/4)

The main body includes all the comforts of home, including a bed for napping. Just don’t run the vacuum while someone’s trying to sleep.

'FAB-AT-AT' (2/4)

As is custom for Stewart’s Fabuland x Star Wars sets, there’s even a mockup of the box. Uh-oh! It looks like Mr. Lamb almost got left behind. Never fear, though. There’s a handy swing for him to grab onto. For more intergalactic Fabuland fun, check out Stewart’s Fabulandspeeder and Tatooine homestead.

'FAB-AT-AT' (1/4)

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