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LEGO Adventurers was a theme that LEGO first released in 1999 and discontinued in 2003. Starring explorers and archaeologists in far-flung locations like Egypt and Tibet, the theme had many similarities to the later licensed LEGO Indiana Jones theme. Thanks to its unique characters and comparative longevity for an original LEGO theme, the theme remains popular with LEGO builders to this day.

The most dangerous hunt: Cretaceous trophies

When building a LEGO collection, one often accumulates many special pieces – unique trinkets destined for greatness, or the closest special parts bin. What you may not know however is that these pieces are special to your minifigures too – special enough to hang in some short of ghoulish trophy room to be stared at with smokey-depressed-retirement eyes:

Adventures End

TBB mainstay Paddy Bricksplitter knows this, as does ‘Old Johnny’; together they created one viciously intriguing trophy room overflowing with story potential. And oh what a story it was! Clearly this time, it was the T-Rex who should have run!

Island hopping redux

It’s hard to imagine that one of the most beloved LEGO themes, Adventurers, is already seventeen years old. Time flies quickly, apparently. But luckily with LEGO, there’s always the possibility to literally rebuild the past – but better! That’s what Joshua has done – rebuilt the Adventurers set 5935 ‘Island Hopper’ with new modern parts and building techniques.

Island Hopper by Joshua

Not only does Joshua’s build provide the classic Adventurers nostalgic feel, but it also greatly improves upon the original. This new Island Hopper really goes to show how much LEGO itself has evolved over the years too.

5935 Island Hopper

Island Hopper Redux

Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) has taken one of the most fun old Adventurer’s sets, 5935 Island Hopper, and put his own skilled hands to recreating it for the MOCPages MocAtholon competition. The Island Hopper was always a favorite of mine in the final Adventurers setting, and Bruce’s version is all decked out with more advanced building techniques and smooth surfaces, and of course, a lot more pieces.

5935 Island Hopper (Redux) Box Art

The Lost Temple

We may have missed our opportunity to blog this when Alex Sandek first posted it a few weeks ago, but this temple is too good to stay lost. The overhanging rocks and waterfall are a creative way of masking the vignette base, and the white temple atop the dark tan crags is beautiful in its seeming simplicity.

The Lost Temple

Anubis Awakens

The Ancient One

Apparently Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) has access to some of the new Pharaohs Quest sets. In his own words he is “too cheap to buy the pyramid set and don’t want a magnet fig. So this happens.” The whole Anubis figure is excellent but I’m especially enamored of the half-altered feet hinting at a transition from stone to flesh. The D&D fan in me thinks this is particularly nifty.

A tough choice

Peter Shutter shows us the pharaoh’s dilemma.


Check out more great scenes such as this Star Wars spoof on Peter’s Flickr set.

Experimenting with live action Lego films

We’ve all seen some pretty good stop-motion animations with Lego, but the method is not without its limitations. Tyler Clites and Jordan Schwartz recently experimented with making short clips of live action Lego films featuring their Oasis Mech and Anubis Statues respectively. You can read more about each creator’s thoughts by following the links below each video.

Helmet Cam Replay – KIA

Mummification Chamber

They danced by the light of the moon

LEGO steampunk figures

I’m not sure how long Amacher Sylvain (CaptainSmog) has been posting his LEGO models but his work is new to me. Which is neat as he’s made some fantastic steampunk creations that I’d never seen before.

Found via Klocki.

Jacked up gorilla ride

I’ve been having nostalgic interest in old and short-lived themes, so it was nice to see this this Islander chief on his gorilla steed. I especially like how Ed captures the beefiness of the arms and the curve of the knuckles on the gorilla.

Ed Bricks King Kahuka

Sorry for the image quality, it’s to do with my linking, not with the quality of Ed’s original picture.

Edit (JW): The image link has been fixed.

Look Pugsly, it’s a rhinoceros!

The minifig in this little dio by Evildead may want to keep running, but I have a dog sitting next to me here who’s willing to take on that two-horned beast.

LEGO rhinoceros

No, seriously! He barks at them when they come on TV. Anyway, I think this is the first brick-built rhino that I’ve seen. It’s an interesting presentation, too, with just a few tan plates to help add a boundary to the scene.

Thanks for the tip, Bruce!

Can I have instructions?

For once the answer is yes.

Duqs LEGO Seat Gondola

Ronald Vallenduuk (Duq) has recently added a couple of sets of instructions to Flickr and kindly showed me how to get LPub working again. I actually reverse engineered the seat gondola many years back after seeing a picture of it and coveting it so it’s great to see Ronald making it available to all and sundry.

LEGO 1928 Morris Minor

I used to make more instructions but had to stop for a while due to a problem I had with LPub. With Ronald’s fix I’m back and running so did some instructions for my latest.

Chateau von Barron by Athos

Athos just posted pictures of his chateau, and it’s rather striking. The contrast of the walls really jumped out at me. You also have to check out the detailed interior.