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Ed’s interest for LEGO was rekindled not long ago and it seems there’s no way out of the rabbit hole. His love for LEGO goes beyond the bricks and into being curious about every aspect about the company, its strategy, the community and the eco-system that brings the brick to life. His AFOL counterparts describe him as inquisitive, opinionated and vengeful. His response is you should not believe everything you read on the internet.

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The beauty of architecture in defence

Chinese city walls were built for defense, to protect towns and cities in China. Part of those walls included towers and gates which typically served as entry points. This particular Gate Tower built by Prince Jiang is astounding in size and amazing in architecture. I’m always in awe of how a structure meant to be a defence mechanism can also be made to look so appealing even in real life structures you see around historic China.

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Do kings have bad heir days if they’re always wearing a crown?

Castle is an evergreen theme: always there, always lovely, always relevant. This beautiful castle gate caught my eye with its bright colors and clean build. The highlight of this build from Milan Skeiz are the minifigures (including the archers), which have custom crocheted coats! He’s made quite an elegant attempt at a boat build; I would have never guessed he’d never built a LEGO boat before. His take on the sail and mast is unique; I’d love to see one in real life like that!

Kings Gate

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Two-foot tall monster-sized LEGO mecha could do some serious damage!

The phrase “go big or go home” fits Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann‘s mech build perfectly. It ain’t worth building if it’s not impressive. His advanced Mecha Soldat JE06 Jebat stands nearly 2 feet tall and weighs over 3 pounds …that’s a BIG mech! Jebat is named after a legendary warrior from Benjamin’s hometown of Malacca, Malaysia, where he grew up.  This impressive mech contains over 3,000 parts, and took Benjamin nearly 5 months to build it, revealing his masterful creation at Japan Brickfest.

AMS JE06 JEBAT “Pahlawan”  - Ready to strike it's enemy

An investigation into the origins of the LEGO Foot Soldier comic [Interview]

LEGO memes are in abundance, but not many of them surface more often that the idea that stepping on a LEGO brick is painful. One of the best-known iterations of this meme is a comic that’s been making the rounds on the internet for years featuring a brick-general giving training to other brick-soldiers gathered around a plan of attack diagramming the human foot.

If you’re a fan of LEGO, chances are good that you’ve seen it at some point in time and probably even had it shared with you more than once. But did you ever stop to think, who created this? Well, perhaps I’m more inquisitive than most, but that’s what piqued my interest. So let me share with you the journey of discovery that I took…

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When good means ugly and scary!

I have no idea what sort of creature Djokson built or what inspired it, but I do know that I like it! It looks like a head sculpture from a totem pole that decided to wake up and walk around scaring the pants off of folks! The nose ring is a great touch and the cleverly placed double slopes for those teeth make it look menacing! And of course, those threatening eyes will surely give you nightmares all week long! How I’d love to have a bunch of these to give away as Christmas presents to my frenemies that really deserve them!

The Vicious Grokmagroz

Chibi cuteness can be contagious

Builder LegoWyrm takes inspiration from Hatsune Miku, a humaniod anime persona. LegoWyrm gives it a Spanish flavour with a red themed outfit, and upped the cutness factor by shrinking the character to a chibi sized version. It works gleefully well, with the dress piece arrangement and the pose held together by the unique use of elements for the feet.

Hatsune Miku ~ Supein e Youkoso version

Mechas come and go, but Mazinger Z stands the test of time

It’s quite amazing to pause and appreciate that Mazinger Z was first introduced to the world almost 45 years ago, and it still stands the test of time, finding relevance to fans even today, and mecha master Kelvin Low brings us a great Mazinger Z. One cool thing to note is that this design is a rebuild of a previous version that employed a central frame from the Hero Factory system, and now Kevin’s overhauled it to a regular brick-based build. What difference does that make? Building with the classic system elements gives a cleaner look that matches the anime, but at the cost of building to a smaller footprint as it becomes heavier with regular bricks.



Many unikitties were sacrificed for Marilyn

At one tail per Unikitty, many Unikitties had to be sacrificed for this Brickheadz to come to life. The effort paid off for Krzysztof J as the effect it provides for Marilyn’s curly headlocks is almost ideal. A few other stylistic standouts include the infamous mole, which is ingeniously made with the negative space of a 1×1 brick with a single knob, and the clever use of minifigure hairpieces that make up the upper section of the corset.

Marylin Monroe

Love is what makes a house a home ...but a fully furnished one helps too!

If this is home, I’m sure it’s always going to be where I’m going to spend most of my time. A three-storey modular with a single color tone of tan bricks, but with excellent build features bring out the best in this grand looking architectural build. The beauty of this home does not end there, as builder Vincent Kiew invites you to explore the heart of what makes a building a home. While most modular builds may feature the external facade, I have a soft spot for builds that take the extra effort to imagine what life would have been like for a minifigure family.

1 (1)

1 (7)

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LEGO Bento Box that actually made my stomach growl

This Fried Shrimp Bento Box literally made me hungry just looking at it. ABS chef Moko certainly knows how to make our taste buds tingle. As for me, I only know good food when I see it, but I’m going to give it a go and identify them – you can correct me out if I’m in wrong!


Top Left, clockwise – We have boiled pumpkin and some shiny cherry tomatoes, Next to that is cabbage for our daily intake of healthy greens, followed by the main serving of fried shrimp! At the bottom right corner, we’ve got what looks like a serving of meat, beef perhaps, and some asparagus and tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) and a lovely portion of chuka lidako (seasoned baby octopus). Finally, a healthy portion of Japanese rice topped with an Umeboshi (pickled plum)

If you still don’t hear your tummy growling after that, I suggest you take a closer look at the parts that were used to make ABS plastic so appetizing! I’m just going to call out that Umeboshi made from a minifigure helmet, and the baby octopus tentacles which are made from sausages! What else can you find? In the meantime, please excuse me as I have to head over to my favourite Japanese restaurant now.

Weapons from a galaxy far, far away

I have to admit, I never really gave much thought about Chewbacca’s weapon of choice until Han Solo gave it a go in The Force Awakens. What I can’t believe is that in all those galactic years, Han never had a chance to wield this weapon, not even for target practice. What I do know is that this build by LEGO Admiral does the bowcaster justice with the level of detail on it.

My Lego MOC of Chewbacca's Bowcaster

Other weapons wielded by Ray and Solo respectively have been built with equal care and attention, with the bases making for excellent for a table top display. I’d certainly like to have these on my office desk, as would any self-respecting Star Wars fan.

Rey & Han Solo Blasters