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The Brothers Brick is looking for Contributors, News Writers, and Graphic Designers to join our team [News]

Dear reader, you’re likely already familiar with all the tremendous news, reviews, and LEGO creations we feature here at The Brothers Brick. But producing all this content takes a team of people with a deep passion for the hobby. I was lucky enough to join this wonderful group two years ago, and we’re once again looking to expand our ranks. We’re looking for Contributors to help write up the best darn LEGO creations the internet has to offer. We’re seeking News Writers to help cover breaking information on this hobby that we love. And we’re after Graphic Designers to help create the cover images that draw you all into the news and reviews we have to share. Are you interested in helping us out? Read on for more on the open positions at TBB and how to apply!

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The Brothers Brick is looking for Contributors, News Writers, and Social Media Specialists to join our team [News]

Hello, you out there reading The Brothers Brick. You may already know that we are one of the most popular LEGO websites in the world, with a monthly reach of several million. But it takes “a village” as they say to pull it off. So do you like what we do? Do you think you have what it takes to do it too? Well there, Big Sugar Britches, this might be your chance to shine like the superstar your mother always said you were! We’re looking for Contributors, News Contributors, and Social Media Specialists to help keep this here machine running smoothly. Here is what you need to know.

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Join the The Brothers Brick team as a Social Media Specialist or a News Contributor [News]

As one of the most popular LEGO websites in the world, with a monthly reach of several million, The Brothers Brick is a much more complex operation than many of our readers may expect. At the same time, our readers may also be surprised that every one of our team members is a volunteer! If you’d like to be part of the team that supports a diverse, global audience of highly engaged LEGO fans, TBB is looking for a Social Media Specialist to help support our growth and a News Contributor to cover breaking news. If you want to make our social media channels sing and provide up-to-date LEGO news to fans across the globe, read on!

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TBB’s next recruiting effort for Contributors & Social Media Manager focuses on diversity, inclusion & representation [News]

Although The Brothers Brick has always been committed to diversity and inclusion in both the LEGO builders we feature and our own team members, ranging from the builders in Asia that we specifically featured on Pan-Pacific Bricks or our longstanding commitment to including LGBTQ+ staff on our team, we know that we can do better. During our interview with Ekow Nimako last month, we recommitted to ensuring that our own team better represents the real diversity of the LEGO community we’re a part of. The specific roles we’re looking to fill from members of the community are Contributor (Writer) and Social Media Manager.

TBB social media & contributor applications

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Come join us! The Brothers Brick is recruiting now [News]

Have you ever wanted to tell the whole world about the awesome LEGO model you just saw? Are you the person your family and friends look to on Facebook or Twitter for the latest LEGO news and the best LEGO creations? If you have a passion for LEGO and want to share it with the world, The Brothers Brick might be the place for you.

As a TBB Contributor, you’ll get to highlight the news you find, showcase your favorite LEGO models from other builders, and even show off whatever you build yourself. You will be writing 3-4 new posts each week. But all that sounds easier than it actually is.

To help make sure that you’re successful as a new Contributor, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Adult LEGO builder (AFOL) aged 18 or older.
  • Established track record in the AFOL community, whether on Flickr, a LEGO fan forum, or somewhere else.
  • Good communicator and writer, as evidenced in comments and forum/group discussions.
  • Previous blogging or article writing experience a strong plus.

TBB Contributor positions are unpaid — all joking about secure compounds and million-dollar yachts aside, The Brothers Brick is run by a bunch of passionate volunteers who write about LEGO in their spare time. All money the site earns through the support of our loyal readers goes toward server and bandwidth costs, purchasing products to review, sponsoring contests and fan events like BrickCon, and helping out the LEGO fan community wherever we can.

Even though it’s a volunteer role, being a TBB Contributor provides a genuine opportunity to participate in one of the top hobby sites in the world. If you don’t have prior blogging experience, you’ll have the opportunity to learn or improve on tangible professional skills such as writing for the web, headline writing, search engine optimization, and social media strategy.

To apply, fill out the form on our TBB recruiting page. Questions? Ask us here in the comments.