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Bricklink Designer Program Series 1 – Snack Shack: Divey, delicious, or both? [Review]

It’s not every day that we here at TBB review something that’s not found on the LEGO store shelves. But with the Bricklink Designer Program about to launch pre-orders for Series 1 in a few days, we were offered the opportunity by Bricklink to review one of the sets in advance: the Snack Shack designed by Stefan Cornelissen (Distracted Bldr). In addition to the advance copy of the set, we were also able to sit down with Stefan over video chat to talk about his inspiration, specific design choices, and intended implementation of his model. But what did we think of the limited edition set? How does this product differ from something in the LEGO Ideas line? And what did Stefan have to share with us? You’ll have to read on to find out! BDP Series 1 – Snack Shack will be available for pre-order from Bricklink starting Feburary 7th (with delivery of the model approximately 6 months after pre-order) and retails for $49.99 USD.

Bricklink sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Raise a glass to a clearly important profession

I learned today that a glazier is someone who cuts and fits glass in windows and doors, demonstrating the educational application of LEGO with this colorful build from gGh0st. This workshop build is gGhost’s entry for the Bricklink Designer Program, and it’s an awesome entry! The design of the workshop is amazing with the color palette, the round windows throughout, and the colorful clips used within the roof. I do think it’s pretty cool to use the bar with ball piece for the texturing of the roof, something I’ve not seen before in a build. Notice the use of the transparent pieces along the midsection of the workshop and even the sign–small details that really contribute to the beauty of the profession. This is a great addition to any medieval village!

Old Glazier's Workshop

Bricklink Designer Program is now live with a second chance to grab exclusive fan designed sets [News]

The Bricklink Designer Program is now open once again on August 3rd at 12:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm CET. This is a second opportunity for fans to acquire the following: Kakapo, Pursuit of Flight, Great Fishing Boat and the Sheriff’s Safe.

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First round of Bricklink Designer Program crowdfunding begins on July 1st 2021 [News]

The chance to pre-order and get the project of your choice in the Bricklink Designer Program, formerly known as the AFOL Designer Program, starts tomorrow on 1st July 8:00 am Pacific / 5:00pm CET. There are 7 projects to choose from in the first round of crowdfunding. Fans can pre-order their favorite project (or projects) between July 1st and August 10th, 2021.

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Bricklink Designer Program is being extended with new structure [News]

The Bricklink Designer Program, also known as the AFOL Designer Program (ADP), is being extended due to the global COVID-19 situation along with the feedback from the community. The crowdfunding was to begin in June 2021, with September 2021 being the date for realizing projects. In the new structure, there will be 3 rounds for crowdfunding, starting July 2021 and continuing in September and November 2021. 8 projects will be nominated for the first round in July, and 8-10 projects will be nominated for the other two rounds. The production-ready projects can be supported by pre-ordering on Bricklink starting from July 1st.

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