First round of Bricklink Designer Program crowdfunding begins on July 1st 2021 [News]

The chance to pre-order and get the project of your choice in the Bricklink Designer Program, formerly known as the AFOL Designer Program, starts tomorrow on 1st July 8:00 am Pacific / 5:00pm CET. There are 7 projects to choose from in the first round of crowdfunding. Fans can pre-order their favorite project (or projects) between July 1st and August 10th, 2021.

Started in 2018, the AFOL Designer Program gave possibility to sets like Wild West Saloon and Löwenstein Castle. Recently the program was named to Bricklink Designer Program, and due to the feedback from the community and the difficulties of COVID-19, the structure was changed. There will be 2 other crowdfunding rounds, starting in September and November 2021.

Head on down to the Bricklink page to pre-order the sets or take a closer look at the sets before deciding on your vote. Only 5000 of each project will be produced and they’re taken on a first come first-served basis.

Sheriff’s Safe by Il_Buono

Pursuit of Flight by JKBrickworks

BIONICLE® Legends by Sokoda

Kakapo by themfledge

Castle in the Forest by povoq

Particle Accelerator by JKBrickworks

Great Fishing Boat by EdouardClo





5 comments on “First round of Bricklink Designer Program crowdfunding begins on July 1st 2021 [News]

  1. Vector

    Time to wake up before 8am and see how fast the Castle in the Forest runs out of pre-orders.

  2. Jimmy

    Castle reached the 5000 order limit in 35minutes or so. I was really looking forward to buying one but had to be in a meeting, dammit!

    Also apparently the limit was qty 5 per person? WTF Lego, they are already up on eBay at 2-5x the original price!

  3. CW

    Very disappointing after Lego bought over Bricklink – they reduced the countries they ship to compared to the previous event. But I guess if they didn’t buy over Bricklink we won’t have had so many sets to even pre-order.

    Hopefully the crazy demand makes Lego consider releasing the castle set worldwide.

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