The US Navy Dauntless Patrol Boat protects our shores

Sometimes we get commissioned to do what we love. That is exactly what happened with Jake Sadovich and his amazing LEGO Dauntless 34′ Patrol Boat. Whoever commissioned Jake must be mighty pleased with the level of detail he has achieved here. The complex curve of the bow, the guardrails, the armament, the electronic gear on the mast, even the handsome stand makes this a stunning model to behold.

This aerial 3/4 rear view illustrates that this model is a stunner from every angle. I like the twin engines but the canopy structure surely is not an easy feat to pull off in LEGO.

Special care was used in creating the name plaque, made to resemble those from official LEGO UCS sets. This was achieved with the help of BBGForge.

My favorite detail, however, is an interior shot of the bridge. Inside, Jake proves once again he’s no slouch when it comes to details. It’s like we’re part of the action on a very important mission! Wait, is that an old-school video game on the left screen? An important mission, indeed! As a Navy veteran myself, clearly, I’m smitten with this Dauntless Patrol Boat.

Chances are, you have been smitten with Jake’s stuff too. He designed the LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle set, after all.

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