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The US Navy Dauntless Patrol Boat protects our shores

Sometimes we get commissioned to do what we love. That is exactly what happened with Jake Sadovich and his amazing LEGO Dauntless 34′ Patrol Boat. Whoever commissioned Jake must be mighty pleased with the level of detail he has achieved here. The complex curve of the bow, the guardrails, the armament, the electronic gear on the mast, even the handsome stand makes this a stunning model to behold.

Click here to climb aboard and discover more!

Torpedo Roadster pedals its wares

Idahoan Jake Sadovich, fan designer of the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle, returns to the pages of The Brothers Brick with a retro throwback pedal car.

Before Power Wheels hit the streets, pedal cars ruled. This one heralds from the early 1950s, a pitch-perfect recreation of the Murray Torpedo roadster’s apple red curves.

Murray Torpedo Roadmaster Pedal Car

Click through to see its kinetic function and a 360 view

For when the trail riding is hard

LEGO builder Jake Sadovich is best known for his successful Ideas project that turned into 21313 Ship in a Bottle, but that’s not all he’s great at. His latest model is this rad bike sporting a ludicrous six-cylinder radial engine. With a wicked cattle skull mounted on the front handlebars plus the gunmetal, grey, and brown color scheme, the motorcycle has a distinct Western-punk feel. The bike has plenty of clever details, but particularly great are the brown tails for the skull’s horns and the Nexo Knight robot shoulders integrated into the radial engine housing.

LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle [Review]

A few weeks ago, LEGO announced the release of the first LEGO Ideas set in 2018, 21313 Ship in a Bottle, available at the LEGO Shop online. The successful LEGO Ideas project was originally submitted by Jake Sadovich and is a LEGO version of the classic concept of a ship in a bottle — a perfect mix of art and craftsmanship.

The set contains 962 pieces and retails for $69 (obviously with variations in other countries), which falls deep within the magic 10 cents per piece zone. However, you will need to judge the real value for yourself, as several hundred of the elements that make up the part count are sized 1×1 or 1×2, most notably the 284 1×1 round plates in translucent light blue.

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