The Atomic Age in a new age: Construction with Nick Trotta

Builder extraordinaire Nick Trotta is famous for building highly complex spacecraft and polishing them to perfection, and that reputation is well-deserved as evidenced by the Atomium. Not only has Nick built a stunning model, but he’s rebuilt and redesigned it enough times that he can build it completely from scratch in one sitting, as if Continue reading →

Holy moly – Nick’s Vic Viper has it all!

I actually avoided featuring Nick Trotta’s (tardisblue) model over the weekend and hoped one of my cohorts would do it first…I simply didn’t know how to properly express how cool this build is! But they didn’t so I guess I can nolonger avoid it. So instead of trying to put it into words, I will Continue reading →

Battle above unknown worlds in a vertical starfighter

Nick Trotta’s series of detailed and unusually shaped starfighters continues with a vertical fighter named Volkite. The verticality combined with excellent color blocking and smooth transitions between sections of the craft make an eye-catching model. On his YouTube, Nick shows a couple videos about Volkite. The video below shows how each chunk of the starfighter Continue reading →

Chugging through the starry skies

LEGO Vic Vipers tend toward the sharp and angular, with sleek lines and sharp corners. Each design must meet strict requirements epitomized by the late Nate “nnenn” Nielsen. Not so with this bulbous affair by Tyler Clites. Tyler’s Vic Viper has enormous, rounded engines — with frying pans as intake vanes, no less — and Continue reading →

Cutting through the jagged night

Master of spacetastic angles Nick Trotta has outdone himself with his latest LEGO spaceraft, dubbed the Serrated Night. Indeed, this ship looks like it would cut through the dark night of outer space with stunning precision. Nick says that he took inspiration for this Vic Viper from the anime Yukikaze and the F-117 stealth fighter. Continue reading →

Red firestorm flames catalyzed by blue

Amazing builds can result from one builder’s style influencing another, which is the case with this “Firestorm” starfighter by Tim Schwalfenberg. Tim tributes his spacecraft to Nick Trotta, and I can spot similarities with Nick’s Cloudless 3V especially, but with Tim’s spin on it. Overall, the Firestorm has a great design to it, with interesting Continue reading →

Elfire Interceptor

Nick Trotta‘s starfighters are some of the most gorgeous and complex models one can make out of Lego. His latest Elfire Interceptor features wings with built-in stripes and a unique windshield design. The clean exterior masks a sophisticated network of bricks that you can only see in the breakdown video below. Visit YouTube for more Continue reading →

Iridium Dawn – a Starfighter for a new age.

I can’t think of a more prominent Starfighter builder than Nick Trotta (tardisblue), he has possibly the highest blog rate of any builder I can think of… and Nick’s latest build does not disappoint, based on Geoffrey Ernault’s concept art, he gives us another mind blowing creation: What really sets Nick apart (aside form the Continue reading →

Vorfechter Strike Fighter

Sometimes people (myself included) forget that there is no air in space… so why is it spaceships always have to be so streamlined and sleek? So it’s refreshing to see Nick Trotta’s (tardisblue) latest wonder of a star fighter. It’s big, it’s beefy, and frankly it’s #awesome with a capital #. The details are just Continue reading →

Friday Night Fights (Round 26)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another throat crushing edition of Friday Night Fights! Tonight’s bout features builders two Castle-Heads ready to get medieval on each other for the honor of the king. Let’s go to the tale of the tape: Fighting out of the red corner, from “The Land of Misfit Continue reading →

Tales from Hub 14.

It was my distinct pleasure to attend the 12th annual BrickCon in Seattle last weekend along with about half of TBB’s contributors, hundreds of talented builders and thousands of slack-jawed public hours gawkers. While I’m sure you’ll be seeing and reading more about the convention from my Brothers, I’ll be focusing this post on a Continue reading →