The Atomic Age in a new age: Construction with Nick Trotta

Builder extraordinaire Nick Trotta is famous for building highly complex spacecraft and polishing them to perfection, and that reputation is well-deserved as evidenced by the Atomium. Not only has Nick built a stunning model, but he’s rebuilt and redesigned it enough times that he can build it completely from scratch in one sitting, as if Continue reading →

The Legend Reborn: LEGO designers Nick Vás and George Gilliatt share product concepts for the new Bionicle set [Feature]

It looks like LEGO designers Nick Vás and George Gilliatt made the impossible possible and brought Bionicle back. We dive into their commentary to see how the iconic characters got their new designs.

Nick Wilde, that crafty fox from Zootopia

OK, so Disney’s Zootopia isn’t out yet, but the trailer is hilarious and makes this movie a must-see for me. Jordan Schwartz, a fan of all things Disney, gone ahead and made a fantastic sculpt of Nick Wilde, one of the film’s new protagonists, and it looks spot on. The sly look Nick is giving us Continue reading →

Holy moly – Nick’s Vic Viper has it all!

I actually avoided featuring Nick Trotta’s (tardisblue) model over the weekend and hoped one of my cohorts would do it first…I simply didn’t know how to properly express how cool this build is! But they didn’t so I guess I can nolonger avoid it. So instead of trying to put it into words, I will Continue reading →

Boeing 808-200 Starliner by Nick Dean

I’m sitting here in my Seattle backyard watching the jets fly overhead as I type this. Perhaps someday, our homegrown Boeing will develop the sort of spaceliner Nick Dean has imagined in LEGO, and I can watch it streak across the starry night from my cabin on the moon. The underside features working landing gear Continue reading →

LEGO Terminator mecha by Nickre

Though I won’t see it until tomorrow night myself, the new Terminator: Salvation movie looks full of cool mecha, hoverships, and post-apocalyptic landscapes sure to serve as inspiration among LEGO builders. Nick (Nickre) uses his own imagination, though, to come up with this cool mecha from the Terminator universe: That buzz saw slung under the Continue reading →

YSA interviews Nick Dean

We ought to blog more interviews, and I’m glad Jacob from Young Spacers Association took the time to interview one of the more talented TFOLs (teen fan of LEGO), Nick Dean, who is associated with creating and building the RAMM theme (examples). While there exists multiple popular fan-created subthemes, RAMM has generated controversy among builders Continue reading →

Arnold Skolnick’s Woodstock poster in LEGO by Noddy

Artist Arnold Skolnick’s famous poster for a certain “Aquarian Exposition,” billed as “3 Days of Peace & Music,” came to be so closely identified with Woodstock that many people can’t think of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, or The Grateful Dead up on that stage without thinking about Skolnick’s dove perched on a guitar. Continue reading →

Win $25,000 in the Nicktoons “Built by Me” LEGO movie contest [News]

Nickelodeon and LEGO are teaming up to host the “Built by Me” LEGO movie contest as part of the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. For your 2-minute (or less) movie animated with LEGO, you could win up to $25,000. w00t! Although Nicktoons is a kids’ network, I’ve taken a look at the rules, and the contest Continue reading →

Nick Dean goes online at the Antipasta Internet Cafe

Nick Dean (Flickr) takes a break from his usual military creations with this airy Internet cafe where spaghetti certainly won’t be on the menu:

Nick Dean returns fire

Like Nannan’s Black Fantasy and Tim’s cave racers, Nick Dean‘s RAMM theme has become an Internet phenomenon, copied ad nauseum — sometimes successfully, sometimes not. So it’s always refreshing to see a new RAMM creation from the Feldmarschall himself: But perhaps Nick is most famous for his future-military vehicles, like this RAMM Bluthund Quadruped:

Nick Dean’s vehicles of the Royal Austrian Mechanized Military

In the not-too-distant future, Austria will apparently be a kingdom again, and it will have a formidable military full of big gray vehicles. The latest trio of creations by Nick Dean (Flickr) is a set of vehicles from the Royal Austrian Mechanized Military (RAMM). My favorite is the Schäferhund Infantry Fighting Vehicle (above). Check out Continue reading →