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Brickheadz just won’t get terminated

Brickheadz are like The Terminator — no matter how much you might want them to die, they just keep coming. Yet despite some of the ambivalence out there towards the style, this Terminator transformation by Dick Cheung is just too delightful to miss out on! From flesh and skin to the infamous exposed red-eye and the final exoskeleton in all its glory! My favorite part has to be the special effect of censorship via the mosaic pattern — a nice touch to avoid Arnie’s full-frontal.


A bridge too far for the T-1000

We’re looking forward to Arnie’s classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day returning to cinemas later this year. What better way to whet your appetite for it than with jp_velociraptor‘s LEGO version of the famous truck chase?


Check out the use of transparent bars and supports to depict the flying masonry as the truck bursts through the bridge parapet. Explosive action like this is often difficult to convey with bricks — but it’s certainly accomplished here.


The flood-channel diorama is nicely done, but the truck is a smart little model itself. Here’s a closer look, along with a suitably serious-looking T1000…


15,000 Piece 1:1 LEGO Terminator T-800

Standing at 186cm (6’1″) and weighing 15kg (33 lbs.) Martin Latta’s (thire5) life sized LEGO model of the T-800 from the Terminator films is a sight to see. In particular with Martin standing beside it for a sense of scale.

Terminator T-800 life size sculpture

Those lucky enough to be in the area, this model has been created for an exhibit in Lipno Point, Czech Republic.

Martin says that he will have further photos up shortly, but in the meantime you can check out some of the development and work-in-progress photos here

“Underneath, it’s a hyperalloy combat chassis.”

This bust of the classic Terminator frame is incredibly detailed and wonderfully menacing. Martin Latta has done a most excellent job. While the actual Terminator is awesome, that base just makes it that much better and complements the build perfectly. This is one of those that I would like to own.

LEGO Terminator

Many thanks to Tom Williamson for the heads up!

You are the resistance.

After really enjoying Terminator Salvation last year, I thought we’d see quite a few LEGO creations inspired by the movie, but the only LEGO I’d run across was my own Terminator Salvation minifigs.

Thankfully, tbone_tbl seems to have appreciated what I think is the best movie in the series, and has created a microscale vignette of the first scene in the movie.

LEGO Terminator Salvation diorama

The micro A-10 Warthog in the foreground is certainly nice, but that Harvester mech in the background is excellent.

CubeDudes Invade!

Angus Maclane has been building like crazy lately. The craziness has manifested itself as CubeDudes, which appear to be famous characters with cubes for heads. They are adorable! He just posted oodles of these awesome little dudes. Click on the pictures to go to a gallery of related figures.

Which is your favorite?

LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros

LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros

LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros

LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros LEGO Cubedudes Starwars Marvel Terminator Superheros

This is not the future my mother warned me about – Terminator Salvation minifigs

It’s been a very long time since going to see a movie inspired me to build a bunch of minifigs as soon as I got home. I saw Terminator Salvation on Saturday night, and had to build the heroes and their antagonists.

LEGO Terminator Resistance minifigs

The human Resistance wouldn’t be the same without a couple of T-600 Terminators to fight.

LEGO T-600 Terminator minifigs

Spoilers in the full Terminator Salvation photoset on Flickr.

LEGO Terminator mecha by Nickre

Though I won’t see it until tomorrow night myself, the new Terminator: Salvation movie looks full of cool mecha, hoverships, and post-apocalyptic landscapes sure to serve as inspiration among LEGO builders.

Nick (Nickre) uses his own imagination, though, to come up with this cool mecha from the Terminator universe:

LEGO Terminator mecha

That buzz saw slung under the body looks lethal…

Evil machine head – LEGO Terminator endoskull

Brickshelf user snyderman built a robotic machine head inspired by Terminator. It features moving eyes and jaw independently controlled by two motors.

Real men (and T-800s) wear black!

Decent weather afforded me the opportunity to photograph lots of the minifigs that have been waiting in piles around our living room. I’m too impatient to dole them out slowly, so I uploaded them all at once, which obligates me to blog ’em all, I suppose. ;-) Anyway…

Here are Agent J and Agent K from Men in Black:

T-800 Model 101 (as played by the Governor of California) from The Terminator (with weapons by BrickArms):

LEGO Terminator endoskull – “Hey buddy, you got a dead cat in there or what?”

Brickshelfer robbed has made a very cool terminator head. This nice montage really does it justice: