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“An optimist is simply a pessimist with no job experience” – Dilbert

Since very slightly before the dawn of the Internet, Scott Adams’ comic strip Dilbert has served as daily therapy for anyone trapped in the dysfunctional and illogical world of modern office life …but in particular, engineers in tech companies. And while it contains many in-jokes that only a bunch of worthless code monkeys would ever get, all of us can relate to the Pointy Haired Boss, the futility of PowerPoint presentations, or being punched into the middle of next week by an angry co-worker.

And now Cristiano Spiller has decided to continue his Cubedude renaissance with this comprehensive tribute to Dilbert, featuring all of your favorite heroes and anti-heroes:

It’s actually alarming how well they translate to LEGO! Cristiano has also recreated some memorable secondary characters, such as the Elbonians and Loud Howard, and topped off the collection with a very snappy interpretation of the Dilbert logo:


It’s enough to make me want to form a proactive synergy restructuring team to change the six-sigma paradigm! Nya, I’ll get some intern to do it…

The dudes abide

It’s hard to believe that it’ll be 5 years next month since Angus Maclane unleashed the CubeDude phenomenon upon the LEGO fan world, providing AFOLs with a simple template that would make ‘character building’ simple, fun and enormously popular.

In that time, the CubeDude Flickr group has amassed almost a thousand unique CubeDude creations, covering the gamut of characters from every corner of pop culture. And while the CubeDude fad has certainly diminished since those heady early days, it’s fun to see newer builders picking up where the rest of us left off. As demonstrated in this growing collection by Cristiano Spiller

Milhouse and Krusty from The Simpsons

“Chromed up” Daft Punk

Gentleman’s favorites, Jessica Rabbit and Hello Kitty

Babar the Elephant, and his wife Celeste

But mostly notably, Cristiano just found out that he is soon to become a ‘CubeDad’, resulting in this rather unique addition! Congratulations, Cristiano!

Max Reebo and Harry Potter CubeDudes entertain the masses

Speaking of FBTB, their CubeDude Vignettes Contest is now complete, and has yielded some nice results.

Larry Lars captures Jabba the Hutt’s musical entertainers in his vignette:

CubeDude vignette - Reebo and Snootles

Andy Grubb deservedly takes home the first place prize, though, with this awesome forced-perspective view of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy pursuing the golden snitch in a game of Quidditch.

Pursuit of the Snitch

Check out all the great entries on FBTB.

Obscure but beloved Futurama quote to establish blogger’s geek cred

Like NBC executives, Fox executives are morons. Everyone knows that. Thankfully, Comedy Central knows what it’s doing, which means we all get to enjoy Futurama again.

Everyone also knows that no pop culture phenomenon would be complete without CubeDudes. Thankfully, Andrew Lee is there to fill the gap.

LEGO CubeDude Futurama characters

Sweet zombie Jesus indeed, The Living Brick.

Welcome to the first and – hopefully – last Island Open!

It’s hard to believe that the last episode of Lost airs tonight. Unlike 24 (which my wife and I finally gave up watching earlier this season), I’ll really miss J.J. Abrams’ odd creation.

Ryan Wood (lights) commemorates the end of six great seasons with a couple of odd creations of his own — CubeDude Hurley and John Locke.

LEGO Lost Hurley CubeDude

Hurley sports his usual curly locks, while John Locke has an orange peel in his mouth.

LEGO Lost John Locke CubeDude

Well, at least we still have Fringe, and Super 8 comes out next year (along with a possible Cloverfield sequel).

Toy Story 3 trailer confirms LEGO in movie, plus more LEGO Pixar goodness

In our interview with Angus MacLane back in 2008, we asked him why none of the toys in the previous two installments of the Toy Story series were LEGO. Read the interview to find out, but that gap has been corrected in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 trailer-002

They’re a bit hard to spot in this screen cap by Bill Toenjes, so check out the photo on Flickr for notes and the full-size version. Watch the complete trailer for more LEGO, as well as a notable appearance by Totoro.

In related LEGO + Pixar news, this year’s giveaway Toy Fair premiums from LEGO included a CubeDude Buzz Lightyear signed and numbered by Angus himself (via FBTB’s complete Toy Fair 2010 coverage):

LEGO Pixar Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear CubeDude

Now I’m mad that LEGO didn’t send The Brothers Brick an invite to this year’s Toy Fair. Hey LEGO, what gives? I demand my CubeDude Buzz Lightyear!

Finally, Toy Story director (Toy Story 3 executive producer) John Lasseter received the LEGO treatment at Toy Fair with this great bust built by Erik Varszegi (via Gizmodo):

John Lasseter with LEGO likeness