You are the resistance.

After really enjoying Terminator Salvation last year, I thought we’d see quite a few LEGO creations inspired by the movie, but the only LEGO I’d run across was my own Terminator Salvation minifigs.

Thankfully, tbone_tbl seems to have appreciated what I think is the best movie in the series, and has created a microscale vignette of the first scene in the movie.

LEGO Terminator Salvation diorama

The micro A-10 Warthog in the foreground is certainly nice, but that Harvester mech in the background is excellent.

5 comments on “You are the resistance.

  1. Shannon Young

    The featured creation is nice, but “best movie in the series”? Andrew, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of whatever you’re on!

    They should have stopped after the second one.

  2. Kaitimar

    P.S.: The micro A 10 looks like an official set. Hmm… judging from the increasingly violent right-wing swing that LEGO themes have been taking recently, I think these are just around the corner.

  3. Catsy

    I know I’m going to regret this, but…

    I can see “violent” in a lot of the recent themes, though in many cases I think it’s less about “violence” than it is about binary conflict. But right-wing? Let me know when TLC comes out with a UCS Rush Limbaugh bust or a Power Teabaggers theme and then we’ll talk right-wing. Until then I think it’s probably better to describe them as “excessively conflict-oriented”. :)

  4. Kaitimar

    You’ve got a point there. OK, excessively conflict-oriented it is.
    I do get carried away sometimes. I have no time to build lately, and it’s starting to get to me… But I really am pissed off by LEGO for their alien/dinosaur/monster fighting “Kill the creatures, grab the resources” themes. Who’s making up that stuff, Donald Rumsfeld? Oh, here I go again… must… stop… typing…

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