Home Alone house + X-Files bonus

This microscale version of the McCallister house from Home Alone by Rob H. (rh1985moc) evokes cold Northeast winters and warm nights by the fireplace.

LEGO McCallister house

Like several of his previous creations, Rob has added LEDs to the windows so it lights up in the dark.

Of course, this also a good excuse to highlight Rob’s older microscale J. Edgar Hoover FBI headquarters building.

LEGO microscale J. Edgar Hoover FBI Headquarters

It’s a really nice building, but the same photoset yields Special Agent Fox Mulder at his desk in the basement office relegated to the X-Files.

LEGO Fox Mulder

1 comment on “Home Alone house + X-Files bonus

  1. Bram

    I really Love the X-files,
    Though I think this haircut doesn’t look the same like Mulders, I still think this complete MOC is GREAT !

    “I want to believe” does it I think ;)

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