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“Go Ugly Early”

According to the Urban Dictionary, to “go ugly early” is to admit to oneself that you will not pull a good looking woman not matter how long you hang around the night club. You always end up taking the least attractive option anyway, so why not just “go ugly early” and get it over with. To a military aviator, however, there is a whole different meaning to the phrase. The saying has been associated with the A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) in reference to calling the durable plane in early to support troops in ground combat. The builder responsible for this slick rendition is Australian (JustOneMoreBrick), who also has a very cool model of an F/A-18F Super Hornet if you’re interested.


When awesome inspires more awesome...

I think one of the best things about the online LEGO fan community is the amount of inspiration we give each other. I can think of countless times where upon seeing a model by another builder, I was inspired to have a crack at something similar.

A perfect example of this is Chandler Parker’s 1/100 scale AH-64D Apache, which he posted last week. The amount of detail he achieved at such a small scale is quite frankly amazing.

1/100 scale AH-64D Apache (1)

Upon seeing Chandler’s Apache, Mike Yoder (Phat Mike el Fabricante) decided to build a few for himself. But then in typical Mike fashion he has since gone on a run of building and has now also made a squadron of A-10 Warthogs and some tanks to blast to smithereens.

Cat and Mouse

I am very much looking forward to where Chandler’s influence on Mike takes him next. I think he mentioned something about an AC-130 Spectre Gunship…which would make me a very happy boy :D

EDIT: Just realized I should also point out that Mike’s tanks were somewhat inspired by Pierre E Fieschi’s…this just keeps getting better and better!!

You are the resistance.

After really enjoying Terminator Salvation last year, I thought we’d see quite a few LEGO creations inspired by the movie, but the only LEGO I’d run across was my own Terminator Salvation minifigs.

Thankfully, tbone_tbl seems to have appreciated what I think is the best movie in the series, and has created a microscale vignette of the first scene in the movie.

LEGO Terminator Salvation diorama

The micro A-10 Warthog in the foreground is certainly nice, but that Harvester mech in the background is excellent.

Space marine light assault vehicle and instructions

Tyler Clites has built the space marine light assault vehicles (SMLAV) inspired by the Warthog from Halo. By popular demand, Tyler created a set of quality instructions available for purchase at a very reasonable price of $5. Having built the SMLAV from his instructions, I can say that parts for the model are easy to acquire and the model itself is very solid.

Check out these fun variations of the SMLAV and military variants.

Mini UNSC Pelican dropship and Warthog

LEGO UNSC Pelican dropship and Warthog

Alex Schranz (Orion Pax) discovered that sand green is harder to come by than he expected while building this mini-scale version of the Pelican dropship from Halo, complete with an itty-bitty Warthog that fits underneath.

Nannan featured in Official Xbox Magazine

Brothers Brick contributor Nannan’s Final Run “bignette” is featured in the current issue of the Official Xbox Magazine:

Congratulations, Nannan! Way to represent. ;-)

Warthog run from Halo 3

After learning about a Halo vignette contest at Brickarms forums with less than a week before deadline, I impulsively decided to enter. I needed an idea, and what’s more dramatic than the final warthog run from the last mission of Halo 3? For those who haven’t experienced it, you are driving a warthog through an expansive and volatile surface trying to escape a giant explosion. Classic? You bet.

The warthog design is largely based off Legohaulic’s, with minor modifications.

Legohaulic’s Warthog and Spectre

Too many LEGO creations inspired by Halo look pretty much the same. Not Legohaulic’s:

Excellent. (Via Review’d.)