Nannan featured in Official Xbox Magazine

Brothers Brick contributor Nannan’s Final Run “bignette” is featured in the current issue of the Official Xbox Magazine:

Congratulations, Nannan! Way to represent. ;-)

7 comments on “Nannan featured in Official Xbox Magazine

  1. anon

    This article bugs me.
    For a couple of reasons:

    1.) It’s moc built using another builder’s model. Not once does Nannan credit Tyler for the design of the Warthog in the article. To me the main crux of the dio is centered around the awesome vehicle design. Something which Nannan did not originate.

    2.) The flood design looks a little to similar to Corran’s for me to consider even that small part of the model a truly original design. Just some more co-opting of other builder’s materials.

    Not to completely bash on the artiste’ but this seems like a poor choice for an article worthy model. Yes the composition and dynamic placing of the various pieces lends to the overall aesthetics and Nannan’s presentation is professional as always but to me it’s a copy of existing models. I’m surprised no one has pointed this out so far. . .

    I just wish that the lego creations that get press aren’t attached to franchises. I suppose this is the nature of the beast and I’ve seen so many mocs of the same source material that my eyes are beginning to bleed.

  2. Dean H.

    Anon, while I agree that the article should have credited Tyler (and perhaps Corran, though there really aren’t many good ways to build Flood,) you really cannot hold it against Nannan at all. It was clearly not written by him, and had only five (very short) direct quotes from him. The article itself was very short as well, and it’s likely that bit just got cut out.

    The reason that derivative models of franchises are the most popular among non-Lego-builders is simple: They recognize excellent detailing when the detail can be seen on something in a different medium, that they are familiar with. The other MOCs that are usually populay to a wide renge of people are artistic things or very large things.

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