Legohaulic’s Warthog and Spectre

Too many LEGO creations inspired by Halo look pretty much the same. Not Legohaulic’s:

Excellent. (Via Review’d.)

3 comments on “Legohaulic’s Warthog and Spectre

  1. video maker

    hey could you send me the instructions of the hog
    or at least a pic of how to make the front end thx!

  2. xejo

    i was wondering could you make directions for this? i reeeaaallly need em lol cause im clueless…i can only make some of it

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    As I indicated in the original post, I didn’t build this, so I’m as much in the dark as you are. In general, LEGO builders don’t create instructions for their creations. Sorry!

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