15,000 Piece 1:1 LEGO Terminator T-800

Standing at 186cm (6’1″) and weighing 15kg (33 lbs.) Martin Latta’s (thire5) life sized LEGO model of the T-800 from the Terminator films is a sight to see. In particular with Martin standing beside it for a sense of scale.

Terminator T-800 life size sculpture

Those lucky enough to be in the area, this model has been created for an exhibit in Lipno Point, Czech Republic.

Martin says that he will have further photos up shortly, but in the meantime you can check out some of the development and work-in-progress photos here

3 comments on “15,000 Piece 1:1 LEGO Terminator T-800

  1. bruce n h

    What happened to just posting opinions and editorials? Lately it seems like certain contributors feel the need to focus on pictures of MOCs, and it takes away from the actual point of the post, and indeed the site itself. If I wanted to read this kind of crap, there are plenty of other sites for it.

    ;) This is a pretty amazing MOC! Perhaps the naysayers on Andrew’s two recent posts should stop commenting there and start commenting here. Until I looked at some of the close-up WIP shots I was half convinced that the MOC was much smaller and this photo involved Photoshop trickery.

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