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The Legend Reborn: LEGO designers Nick Vás and George Gilliatt share product concepts for the new Bionicle set [Feature]

LEGO brings Bionicle back! Or, sort of. The new 40581 Tahu and Takua GWP (gift with purchase) set is coming to LEGO’s online shop on January 27th, and will be available with any purchase of the US $100, £90, or €100. And even if you are not a fan of the theme, we bet you’ve noticed that the new edition of arguably LEGO’s most iconic characters doesn’t look exactly how we remember them from 20 years ago. To help all the fans understand the new designs better, the set designers Nick Vás and George Gilliatt share on Twitter some pretty cool details and pictures right from their work desk.

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LEGO Designers reveals secrets and inspiration behind the 31111 Cyber Drone 3-in-1 Creator set [Feature & Interview]

One of many the things that that shapes the culture and cult-like following in LEGO is its unique bits of passion that’s imbued in every design made regardless of how small or large they may be. LEGO Designer George Gilliatt shared and Graphic Designer Matthew James Parsons recently shared insights (via Twitter) on their work and inspiration behind the LEGO 3-in-1 Cyber Drone Creator set ( US $9.99 | CAN $13.99 | UK £8.99)

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