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Crown of Thorns

I am in no way a religious person. I do, however, know a beautifully composed LEGO model when I see one and can respect the importance of this image’s symbolism to many of our readers.

John 3:16 by Brian Williams (BMW_Indy)

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

Sammy, America’s Fighting Dinosaur

At Emerald City Comicon earlier this month, Josh and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Snoey, the writer/director of a Kickstarter-funded forthcoming short film America’s Fighting Dinosaur. Turns out Steve is a TBB reader himself, so we talked about just how awesome a LEGO version of “Sammy” could be.

Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) has taken up the challenge, rendering an absolutely wonderful LEGO version inspired by Sammy, alongside the men (and pterodactyl) of the “373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad”:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

One of my favorite details that might not be especially obvious in the main photo above is that Bruce’s base for his little diorama is in the shape of a dino footprint:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

We hope you like this as much as I do, Steve! Check out lots more pictures on Flickr.

Alien Atmosphere Processor

Mihai Marius Mihu (mihaimariusmihu) creates a truly unique scene that portrays an alien terraforming structure and dilapidated building. I have to say that the thought of alien spores turning me into alien bio-matter in order to be harvested and turned into a hovercraft is mildly creepy while at the same time pretty neat. Yay science!

Be sure to have a click through the photostream for more views.

Did Han shoot first?

It is irrelevant who shot first. If it were Han, than Greedo should have had better reflexes. If it were Greedo, than he should have had better aim. So clearly Han was just better at scum and villainy.

Oh yeah, Logan (CaptainInfinity) built a rockin’ DL-44 Blaster that Han would be proud of…and that Greedo would be afraid of.

More views on MOCpages

Let it shine!

Last year, I wrote about how collaborating with others can really help a LEGO model shine. As TR wrote yesterday, there’s a wonderful community of LEGO builders who help and support each other (even when we argue), and we’re all better for each other’s company.

This beautifully shaped and colorful microscale destroyer dubbed HMS Arizona by A. Yates Industrial is an excellent case in point. I’ll start with the first picture he posted, which had rather poor lighting and a background full of seams from the paper he used to cobble it together:

HMS Arizona by A Yates Industrial on Flickr

Next, he posted a new photo, with clean lighting on a single large sheet, from a slightly higher camera angle that shows off more of the ship’s detail along its length. The ship’s stand is also virtually invisible underneath:

HMS Arizona by A Yates Industrial on Flickr

In response, Pascal offered to put A. Yates’s latest version on a space background. Within a few minutes, Pascal had sent A. Yates the results:

HMS Arizona by A Yates Industrial on Flickr

Pascal writes, “This photo was really easy to work with because it’s well lit and on a contrasting background. I have a ton of public domain NASA images on my laptop, so I just needed to select a nice nebula and an earth photo to create the new background.”

It never ceases to amaze me just how wonderful the collaborative spirit is within the LEGO building community!

Gorgeous Bioshock Infinite City of Skyholm in LEGO

Russian fan Mister Fedin (Fianat) has created this stunning bit of steampunkery, heavily influenced by the much-hyped Bioshock Infinite game which launched just yesterday. This flying city block may have a rather traditional steampunk color-scheme, but Fedin has used it to great effect. I particularly love how this wonderful architectural menagerie includes elements influenced by LEGO’s own modular city buildings, yet with some lovely twists. I also simply must mention the lovely photography and choice of backdrop here: it really makes this model shine. Don’t ever underestimate how much a bit of good photography can improve your model’s presentation.

SKYHOLM- the flying city

The Only Good Mosquito

Is this space ship model built by Legolize it Man. I barely feel any urge to slap it at all. The shape certainly evokes the insect it’s named for, but, moreover, it’s a pretty cool space ship. The bulbous cockpit area provides a great contrast to the angled and spindly landing gear. The background color for this photo is also a perfect allusion to a blood-sucker.


Highway maintenance truck -redux

We have previously blogged a brilliant updated version of an old set built by Moritz Nolting (Nolnet) and he has built one again. This time he has turned his attention to the Highway maintenance truck, a classic city set from the Eighties, which I too used to own and love.

Unimog 406 / 6653 Redux

That’s already a good thing in my book, but furthermore he has rebuilt it in the style of a Unimog 406; a vehicle that actually was used for maintaining the German Autobahn. It reminds me very much of a similar die-cast truck by Siku that my cousin used to own (and that I craved) and that is a good thing too. Red rims may not be the most realistic choice for such a vehicle, but they are an excellent reference to the original set.