Sammy, America’s Fighting Dinosaur

At Emerald City Comicon earlier this month, Josh and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Snoey, the writer/director of a Kickstarter-funded forthcoming short film America’s Fighting Dinosaur. Turns out Steve is a TBB reader himself, so we talked about just how awesome a LEGO version of “Sammy” could be.

Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) has taken up the challenge, rendering an absolutely wonderful LEGO version inspired by Sammy, alongside the men (and pterodactyl) of the “373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad”:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

One of my favorite details that might not be especially obvious in the main photo above is that Bruce’s base for his little diorama is in the shape of a dino footprint:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

We hope you like this as much as I do, Steve! Check out lots more pictures on Flickr.

5 comments on “Sammy, America’s Fighting Dinosaur

  1. SteveSnoey

    WOW! I have to chime in on this! Everyone here at America’s Fighting Dinosaur are blown away by how amazing this is! Little Sammy has rarely looked so beautiful…. well as beautiful as I dinosaur can be. Well Done!!

  2. Chris

    There is something undeniably epic about war-dinosaurs, and this is easily the best LEGO model along those lines that I’ve seen.

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