Highway maintenance truck -redux

We have previously blogged a brilliant updated version of an old set built by Moritz Nolting (Nolnet) and he has built one again. This time he has turned his attention to the Highway maintenance truck, a classic city set from the Eighties, which I too used to own and love.

Unimog 406 / 6653 Redux

That’s already a good thing in my book, but furthermore he has rebuilt it in the style of a Unimog 406; a vehicle that actually was used for maintaining the German Autobahn. It reminds me very much of a similar die-cast truck by Siku that my cousin used to own (and that I craved) and that is a good thing too. Red rims may not be the most realistic choice for such a vehicle, but they are an excellent reference to the original set.

3 comments on “Highway maintenance truck -redux

  1. Nolnet

    Hey, good morning Ralph. Glad you like it, and thanks for the blogging – with such an elaborate post as well.
    I just …neeeeeed to point out that red rims are actually pretty standard for that model (as well as many trucks of that era). See google images for Unimog 406. With your reputation for detail, I just couldn’t let your comment about that pass unnoticed ;-)

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