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Scania R730 “The Dragon”

bricksonwheels is certainly known for his highly detailed LEGO model vehicles. But he turns up the awesomeness knob on his latest build.

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

He said that he was inspired by the custom painted trucks often seen in Scandinavia. After some trial and error, he was able to take a high resolution wallpaper from Magic The Gathering and edit the colours in Photoshop to perfectly match the LEGO colour palette. I think he did a rather remarkable job because it looks as if this was actually airbrushed on the model!!

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

Polarcus Alima Oceanographic Vessel

Continuing on the nautical theme Lego Monster (Ed Diment), who is never one to shy away from a big project, has created this amazing Minifig scale vessel for Polarcus:

Polarcus Alima complete 1

I marvel at the hull design that not only has a beautiful shape but also incorporates some pretty intricate lettering.

Polarcus Alima complete 5

Taking a decent picture of something this big is a real challenge so please check out his photostream for more pictures of this creation (including work in progress images).

Consul Pust Steam Trawler

Konajra (Arjan Oude Kotte) from Netherlands builds a beautiful steam-driven fishing boat. This is one of his 5 ships that will be on display both in Skaerbaek LEGO Fan weekend and LEGO FanWelt in Cologne. If you won’t be lucky enough to visit one of those events, be sure to check all the ship’s details in Arjan’s photos on Flickr. I am most impressed with his brick-built hull and all the strings he used to make it more real.

I was caught in the middle of the railroad track!

…oh wait, nevermind, that is ‘Thunderstruck‘…this is a ‘Thunderclap‘!?!?!

All jokes aside, Nathaniel Rehm-Daly (nate_daly) has built an absolutely stunning spacecraft out of the Star Wars Universe called a BT-7 Thunderclap. I am not familiar with the source at all, but was immediately able to recognize this as a Star Wars ship. Nate has perfectly captured that rough worn aesthetic that we all love.


My favourite aspect of this build has to be the seemless integration of the wing folding mechanism.


This thing totally wouldn’t have looked out place sitting in my toy box circa 1985 :D

Guarding the Lonely Rock

This little guarded fort by Brick Vader is a lovely hybrid of the Imperial Soldiers and Armada styles, employing a bit of Spanish flavor in the structure. While I don’t see any revolutionary techniques in use here, the whole model comes together in a particularly nice way. I love to see simplicity done well.

P.S. Coming to you live from Brickworld Chicago 2012. So if any of our readers are here, be sure to say hi if you see me!

Registration now open for BrickCon 2012 in Seattle [News]

Registration is now open for BrickCon 2012, October 4th through 7th, 2012 in Seattle (“our fair city”), Washington.

BrickCon 2012?

As always, the private convention runs a full four days, from Thursday through Sunday. The public exhibition happens on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets for both are available through

And as we’ve done every year since 2008, The Brothers Brick will be organizing a collaborative display. Enough people said things like, “Oh, now I get it! You gonna do it again next year so I can contribute?” after seeing our Numereji 2421 layout that we’ve decided to say “Yes!” and try it again this year. More details to follow over the course of the next few weeks.

The Power of Freedom: Iraq

Mike Doyle (!snap!) has just posted a rather amazing piece of art. The depressing and horrifying subject matter of this piece is almost intensified by the choice of medium…LEGO is after all associated with innocence and happiness.

I will let the viewer interpret and reflect on its meaning on their own.

The Power of Freedom: Iraq

Thanks to Jack for the heads up.

Maleficent Dragon

Taylor (Stormbringer) has made an excellent rendition of Maleficent the dragon from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The dragon design is really quite stunning, and the fantastic landscaping is just icing on the cake!


He has posted this as a project on Cuusoo as well.

Be sure to check out the rest of Taylor’s dragons because he has some doozies!! One of which had been previously blogged.

Jordan Schwartz had also done this same scene from the movie a few years back…very neat to see the different takes on the same subject!

Whew…that was busy day :)

When awesome inspires more awesome...

I think one of the best things about the online LEGO fan community is the amount of inspiration we give each other. I can think of countless times where upon seeing a model by another builder, I was inspired to have a crack at something similar.

A perfect example of this is Chandler Parker’s 1/100 scale AH-64D Apache, which he posted last week. The amount of detail he achieved at such a small scale is quite frankly amazing.

1/100 scale AH-64D Apache (1)

Upon seeing Chandler’s Apache, Mike Yoder (Phat Mike el Fabricante) decided to build a few for himself. But then in typical Mike fashion he has since gone on a run of building and has now also made a squadron of A-10 Warthogs and some tanks to blast to smithereens.

Cat and Mouse

I am very much looking forward to where Chandler’s influence on Mike takes him next. I think he mentioned something about an AC-130 Spectre Gunship…which would make me a very happy boy :D

EDIT: Just realized I should also point out that Mike’s tanks were somewhat inspired by Pierre E Fieschi’s…this just keeps getting better and better!!

The Steam is Strong with this One

Sean Jensen follows his terrific Steampunk X-Wing fighter with a brilliant take on that ubiquitous Imperial workhorse, the TIE Fighter. Giving Star Wars vehicles and characters a Steampunk makeover is nothing new, but Sean has nailed the precarious, ramshackle, and gilded style quite well. The chains governing the wings are quite a nice touch.

Steampunk TIE Fighter by Sean Jensen on flickr