Scania R730 “The Dragon”

bricksonwheels is certainly known for his highly detailed LEGO model vehicles. But he turns up the awesomeness knob on his latest build.

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

He said that he was inspired by the custom painted trucks often seen in Scandinavia. After some trial and error, he was able to take a high resolution wallpaper from Magic The Gathering and edit the colours in Photoshop to perfectly match the LEGO colour palette. I think he did a rather remarkable job because it looks as if this was actually airbrushed on the model!!

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

3 comments on “Scania R730 “The Dragon”

  1. warhev

    That is an awesome “paint job”! Being a child of the ’70’s, I miss seeing vehicles (mostly vans) with the crazy airbrushed murals on the sides!

  2. Deus

    Ah, yes. I was wondering if that back decal was from Magic: the gathering, it seemed vaguely familiar. I apologize for nit-picking, but the sticker does have a bit too much of a pink tone in it, if you look at it long enough. That is why it is risky to put custom decals on such amazing creations.

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