I was caught in the middle of the railroad track!

…oh wait, nevermind, that is ‘Thunderstruck‘…this is a ‘Thunderclap‘!?!?!

All jokes aside, Nathaniel Rehm-Daly (nate_daly) has built an absolutely stunning spacecraft out of the Star Wars Universe called a BT-7 Thunderclap. I am not familiar with the source at all, but was immediately able to recognize this as a Star Wars ship. Nate has perfectly captured that rough worn aesthetic that we all love.


My favourite aspect of this build has to be the seemless integration of the wing folding mechanism.


This thing totally wouldn’t have looked out place sitting in my toy box circa 1985 :D

4 comments on “I was caught in the middle of the railroad track!

  1. DFOL

    The model seems to have been scaled down quite a bit, the original being roughly the size of the Millennium Falcon, with living/working/cargo compartiments in the thick right wing. That’s no criticism though, having this design scaled down to a heavy fighter/bomber works perfectly for me. I actually like it better this way.

    I also think the model has been very nicely built. The folding mechanism for the wings has already been mentioned, but there are loads of other really nice details to be enjoyed.

    I am wondering though, did the gun on the lower folding wing go missing or did the builder leave it out intentionally?

  2. uubergeek

    The ship is one of the main ships from the MMO videogame Star Wars The Old Republic. And yes, it’s definitely scaled down a lot, as this ship holds 6 companions with at least a room for each.

    It might be scaled down, but it still looks wonderful in my opinion! It will be a great addition to any collection and will look awesome next to the LEGO Old Republic ships that will be released (also incredibly scaled down) later this summer.

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