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Summer 2009 LEGO sets out now: Star Wars, Indy, Grand Carousel, etc. [News]

LEGO Space Police, Agents 2.0 and other third-quarter/summer 2009 LEGO sets have been out for a month or so, but the rest of the new sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

First up, 10196 Grand Carouselicon incorporates Power Functions and plays music. The set is also the first to feature tan beards.


New LEGO Star Wars sets feature vehicles from the Clone Wars, including 8037 Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfightericon and the Venatoricon playset.

iconicon iconicon

Other new LEGO Star Wars sets include:

The newest magnet sets make buying rare LEGO Star Wars minifigs affordable, including the LEGO® Star Wars™ 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper™ Magnet for $10. I call him “Chromy”.

The latest LEGO Indiana Jones sets take us back to the classic trilogy.

icon icon iconicon

iconicon iconicon

Finally, trolls and dwarves from the current LEGO Castle theme get their own Battle Packs.

iconicon iconicon

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LEGO Pikmin make me nostalgic for Nintendo GameCube

LEGO Pikmin BulbminAs a Wii owner, I’ve been feeling a little bit abandoned lately — no, Nintendo, I don’t want to play yet another incarnation of Wii Sports. And Wii Fit?! Are you kidding me?

These LEGO Pikmin creations by Filip Felberg (also on Flickr) made me smile, though, thinking back to those happy weeks in the summer of 2001 when I worked on Pikmin.

Filip has made Dwarf Bulborbs:

LEGO Pikmin Dwarf Bulborbs

…as well as the game’s iconic little creatures:

LEGO Pikmin

Check out dozens of Filip’s wonderful LEGO Pikmin creations on Flickr and MOCpages.

Nnenn shows why presentation matters

One of the things that has been capturing my attention in nnenn‘s posts of his space creations, is that each time he reveals a new ship, he includes at least one picture that shows the ship from all sides, in a beautiful layout that still allows the viewer to appreciate how the whole thing works together. You can really see each ship’s thickness, angles and structure. The first is his most recent space carrier.

nnenn carrier

The one that first caught my eye is this lovely escort fighter.

nnenn HC4 Superlight

All kinds of little robots on his photostream too, but I can’t blog it all.

Legoland California hires 5 new Master Builders [News]

LEGO California Master BuildersLegoland California just finished their hiring competition and selected 5 new Master Builders, as well as 4 Associate Builders!

Among the finalists are some very deserving builders, including several that will be familiar to Brothers Brick readers.

After participating in a routine job application process, finalists were subjected to a timed, two hour build-off, which narrowed the field down to nine who were offered jobs.

See the full article in the North County Times and video coverage from CBS8 in San Diego. Congratulations to the new employees of the Lego Company!

New Master Builders:

Mark Larson
Ryan Wood
Joel Baker
Brian Heins
Amanda Juon

New Associates:
Dana Bradsema
Eric Christie
Bryan Decker
Samuel Swiger

Thanks to Bill Toenjes for the heads up on this very cool information!

Lugging pt. 2: Finding a LUG

Sand Castle JediFor those of you who read Lugging pt. 1 or have been interested in finding a LEGO user group (LUG) for some time, this is my effort to help you find a LUG. At a recent event at LEGOLAND California where my LUG (SandLUG) hosted a display, a lot of visitors from the rest of the country and world had questions about how to find LUGs in their home towns. I was pleasantly surprised by all the interest, though I wish I’d been able to provide lugging first aid.

I was lucky enough to have my brother, Andrew, refer me to my local LUG that included people he knew personally. They knew to expect me and my path was smoothed by his sheer nerd fame. I cheated. My brother told me he was sick of me just making comments on TBB and that I needed to start DOING something. For those of you who were not so lucky, I’ve done some research.

At first, I tried compiling a list of LUGs by region and interest, but it just got ridiculously long, which is a very, very good thing. If I could find dozens, you can hopefully find one in your area. Remember though, even if you find a LUG, some cover huge swaths of territory (e.g. TexLUG, TurkLUG, Brickish Association) some are inactive, and others may be essentially an online-only group. Though to the credit of many of the online groups, they’re quite creative and active.

LUGnet logoOne of the challenges of finding LUGs is that they are based on multiple platforms. Some are basically just an e-mail list that the members have stashed away somewhere, some are discussion threads or groups within LEGO communities like LUGnet, some operate within larger online networking sites like Google, flickr, MySpace or facebook, and still others host their own sophisticated websites. Some groups have members and groups on multiple platforms, but use a single platform for group-wide discussions or announcements.

LUGmapA good place to start is the right-hand column on this very site, which has scores of communities and resources listed, including several LUGs. Look through them. See if anything looks familiar. If nothing pops out at you there, go to LUGnet, Eurobricks, MOCpages, Brickshelf or any of the other LEGO-specific “umbrella” sites and browse for a forum, topic, discussion or group that relates to you. LUGnet also has a map (though slightly out of date) that has pins showing the locations of different kinds of LEGO clubs throughout the world, with links to those clubs/LUGs.

If this doesn’t work, I’d search for groups on the non-LEGO networking sites listed above.

Bing logoProbably the easiest (you’ll inevitably get some junk) is typing “lug lego” or “lego user group” into any old search engine. If you want to get super-fancy, type in a city, region, state, province, country or interest as well (though not all), which may narrow your results. Avoid just typing “lug,” it’s too common a word and apparently entering “lug” and a German city name could also result in some fairly interesting, but non-LEGO related hits.

If you’re looking for something that relates to a specific interest area, like Star Trek or trains, change your search accordingly. Most train groups are called LEGO train clubs (LTCs), though that varies too. In some parts of the world, LTCs outnumber general LUGs. Other specialized LUGs will use a word or two to hint at their interest, such as TrekLUG.

If none of the above work and you’re up to some serious sleuthing/stalking, look for hints on other users’ profiles, postings or other things that might indicate that they’re near you, then drop them a quick message asking for guidance finding a LUG, but try not to pester.

LEGO flickrTBB has a fairly large readership, so questions about LUGs are more than welcome and there’s a good chance one of our other readers or contributors will have an answer. I also have a discussion thread in the flickr LEGO group that’s dealing with lugging issues.

Remember, some LUGs don’t have meetings and are mainly internet based, so if you’re thirsting for face to face contact, you may not be quenched at the end of the day. Also, some areas just don’t seem to have active general LUGs, like shockingly enough Chicago and New York City (CLB and NYCLUG don’t appear to be active, though I’d be happy to be disabused of the notion). That will be part 4 of the series, how to start or revive a LUG.

Happy hunting!

Coming soon . . . Lugging Pt. 3: Actually lugging (tips, etiquette, and activities)

Peptobase gives me a warm feeling in my tummy

“Big Daddy” Nelson‘s wife build this beautiful pink medical moon base several months ago and he posted pictures today. I just love it. Absolutely love it. My wife’s Barbie collection would love to live in this thing, if they were small enough. Ha ha! Too small for them!


Check out the back story and other pictures in Big Daddy’s photoset.

The last stand at Zion

I’d been looking forward to Tyler Clite’s (Legohaulic) display for BrickWorld before the event, so I naturally split my face with a smile so wide when I saw Zion Dock Defense in person. This scale of this creation and the sense of action conveyed by the dynamic poses of the APUs and the Sentinels are intense.

Tyler’s APU also won the Best Mecha Award at BrickWorld. Congratulations!

LEGO fan weddings feature LEGO cakes, toppers, bees, and even garter belts

Space-zombies need a chaser. Since LEGO unicorns are in short supply, we’ll go with LEGO weddings. Ryan and Katie aren’t the only ones who’ve celebrated their love with little plastic bricks.

Chris Wunz created a series of five vignettes as his cake toppers when he married Erin last year (see all five on Flickr):

LEGO vignette cake topper

One of my favorite LEGO-themed cakes is the one Louise and Greg Tudor had at their wedding (full photoset). Greg made LEGO cufflinks for the groomsmen, and a Classic Space minifig even adorned Louise’s garter belt!

LEGO cake

Even celebrities get in on the LEGO wedding action. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz commissioned Nathan Sawaya to create this enormous bee as a wedding gift for Ashlee Simpson:

LEGO bee by Nathan Sawaya

Finally, Cake Wrecks had a great roundup a while ago of some very cool LEGO cakes, including this wedding cake for Alex & Adrian:


Congratulations to all the happy couples!