Nnenn shows why presentation matters

One of the things that has been capturing my attention in nnenn‘s posts of his space creations, is that each time he reveals a new ship, he includes at least one picture that shows the ship from all sides, in a beautiful layout that still allows the viewer to appreciate how the whole thing works together. You can really see each ship’s thickness, angles and structure. The first is his most recent space carrier.

nnenn carrier

The one that first caught my eye is this lovely escort fighter.

nnenn HC4 Superlight

All kinds of little robots on his photostream too, but I can’t blog it all.

5 comments on “Nnenn shows why presentation matters

  1. stephendsdude

    This. Is. EPIC. Enough said. But I will still go on about it.

    I LOVE the carrier. It is propbably the coolest space creation I have ever seen. The assemmetrical hull and the hollow portion that is the hanger bay brings it back to the fact that we humans are not perfect.

    The escort is a nifty creation, to. Not trying to brag, but I wonder how it would look with my only blogged MOC: Pyxis Fighter XT-93 at:


    Keep up the epicness, nnenn!

  2. Andrew

    ^ Hmmm… Let’s see.

    a) You’re teens on summer vacation.
    b) We’re adults with lives.
    c) It doesn’t freakin’ matter!

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