LEGO Pikmin make me nostalgic for Nintendo GameCube

LEGO Pikmin BulbminAs a Wii owner, I’ve been feeling a little bit abandoned lately — no, Nintendo, I don’t want to play yet another incarnation of Wii Sports. And Wii Fit?! Are you kidding me?

These LEGO Pikmin creations by Filip Felberg (also on Flickr) made me smile, though, thinking back to those happy weeks in the summer of 2001 when I worked on Pikmin.

Filip has made Dwarf Bulborbs:

LEGO Pikmin Dwarf Bulborbs

…as well as the game’s iconic little creatures:

LEGO Pikmin

Check out dozens of Filip’s wonderful LEGO Pikmin creations on Flickr and MOCpages.

6 comments on “LEGO Pikmin make me nostalgic for Nintendo GameCube

  1. Artahn

    Okay, I don’t own Pikmin yet, but from what I’ve seen, these are pretty accurate. Also, I love the grill plates used on the feet of the yellow one; don’t know why, but it is simply stuck in my mind.

    Also, for anyone who owns a Wii but doesn’t own Pikmin (like me), Nintendo re-released the original for the wii with wii controls; and although Pikmin 2 has yet to be re-released, it is still being sold for the gamecube, and thanks to reverse compatibility is playable on the wii (I think you need a classic controller, though…)

  2. JamesGecko

    I dunno, the second Wii Sports is getting pretty decent pre-reviews. And there *is* another Zelda game in the works… and another Metroid.

    I agree though, it would be nice to see Nintendo working with some new (preferably non-casual) IP.

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ I managed the communication between the development team in Japan and the testing team here in the States. That also gave me the good fortune of being the first person to play the game in the US so I could translate all of the game’s specs for both the test and localization teams. Those translated materials became the basis for the strategy guide from Nintendo Power.

    During the two years I worked at Nintendo, I did that for Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and several GameBoy games. (Nine months out of the year I didn’t work directly on games, though. I mostly worked on technical documentation for third-party developers.)

  4. Puddleglum

    ^Sounds interesting. I bet that was quite a chore for LoZ:WW!

    Also: Was it a challenge to keep your mouth shut about those games? You definitely worked on some of the biggies.

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