Peptobase gives me a warm feeling in my tummy

“Big Daddy” Nelson‘s wife build this beautiful pink medical moon base several months ago and he posted pictures today. I just love it. Absolutely love it. My wife’s Barbie collection would love to live in this thing, if they were small enough. Ha ha! Too small for them!


Check out the back story and other pictures in Big Daddy’s photoset.

4 comments on “Peptobase gives me a warm feeling in my tummy

  1. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    ^Um, yes she did. For you see, I was too busy building my own moonbase module at the time. I will have some photos of that MOC uploaded very soon.

    The interesting (and challenging) part of this MOC is that only bright pink bricks were used. I did not own any pink plates!

  2. Thanel Post author

    I sure believe it. If my wife built, she’d be kicking my butt around the world. I try to recruit her, but no dice.

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