LEGO fan weddings feature LEGO cakes, toppers, bees, and even garter belts

Space-zombies need a chaser. Since LEGO unicorns are in short supply, we’ll go with LEGO weddings. Ryan and Katie aren’t the only ones who’ve celebrated their love with little plastic bricks.

Chris Wunz created a series of five vignettes as his cake toppers when he married Erin last year (see all five on Flickr):

LEGO vignette cake topper

One of my favorite LEGO-themed cakes is the one Louise and Greg Tudor had at their wedding (full photoset). Greg made LEGO cufflinks for the groomsmen, and a Classic Space minifig even adorned Louise’s garter belt!

LEGO cake

Even celebrities get in on the LEGO wedding action. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz commissioned Nathan Sawaya to create this enormous bee as a wedding gift for Ashlee Simpson:

LEGO bee by Nathan Sawaya

Finally, Cake Wrecks had a great roundup a while ago of some very cool LEGO cakes, including this wedding cake for Alex & Adrian:


Congratulations to all the happy couples!

7 comments on “LEGO fan weddings feature LEGO cakes, toppers, bees, and even garter belts

  1. Andrew Post author

    Other than the celebrity bee, I was mainly rounding up recently posted stuff, so no offence intended to those of you I didn’t include in this post. :-(

  2. shelley96

    Hi, That is wonderful weeding cake I ever seen .Would you like to sale this wedding cake ? My best friend is going to marry . He love LEGO very much . If you like to sale this wedding cake , could you mail to me and let me know price . Thank you . I appreciate
    <e-mail address removed>.

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ The items we feature here on The Brothers Brick are generally not for sale — and certainly not a wedding cake that’s most likely already been eaten. If you’re interested in contacting one of the bakers, we’ve included links to each of their Flickr pages, websites, etc.

    (Also, it’s generally not a good idea to share your e-mail address in public on the Web, so I’ve removed it for you.)

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