Nowhere to run

LEGO plague zombies in space

Sometimes, the words we write for our blog posts can’t do justice to the wonderful LEGO creations we feature. Here’s Kevin (Legorevolution) in his own words:

The NSR (or New Space Reich) lost contact with the battle cruiser Andromeda a little over 2 light years ago. Since the vessel was exploring an uncharted sector of space, whatever they had mapped or come across was vital to our database and to the progression of our colonies. As a trained veteran in both military, technological, and scientific affairs I was natural chosen to find the ship and bring her and the crew home. However no training could have prepared me for the frightening discovery I have just made. The ship is in utter ruins- the crew all dead and seemingly infected with some sort of unknown agent that turns their skin tone green. Scouting out the lower hull of the ship so far has produced various wall murals written in blood. The most disturbing of which I have just found in one of the hangars spelling out ‘RUN’. Why RUN? The quietness is so eerie; all I can hear is myself breathing in my hardsuit. My god, what has happened here…

8 comments on “Nowhere to run

  1. aglet

    I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s fantastic space parade here, but my nerdy veins tell me that I have to inform Kevin that light year is a unit of distance not time.

    A fantastic piece shaken by a single technical error.

    On another note: love the details in the top left corner.

  2. Thanel

    Glad Andrew beat me to blogging this one. My favorite detail is the substance dripping from the space zombie on the upper right and through the platform down onto the floor below.

  3. legomason

    I like the shape the Air Scoops front-to-front make up by the zombie on the platform’s head.

  4. Spyder

    Rarely do I ever leave a comment here. It has to be one amazing creation, for me to actually say something about it. This is just wonderful! Words cannot describe it. I love the backstory, and hope you will continue it. The crashed ship and the blood on the wall are my favorite details. Just amazing, just amazing. The only words to describe it.

  5. Zepher

    Congrats on being blogged Revo! Gald that you accepted my MOC-Off! It was a ton of fun, and you deserved to win 100%!


  6. legorevolution

    Thanks everyone for checking it out. It’s quite a fun little theme that I’ll certainly be playing around with more. Spyder, I’m thinking about making it a 3 part series, but I’ll tell ya, it’s going to be tough following up on this… Aglet, you’re not raining on anyone’s parade- not even mine. ;) I understand the seemingly vital nerdal necessity to explain why something doesn’t work or make sense (I do it all the time too, and so did others on my flickr), but I did the whole lightyear concept purposefully, not out of ignorance.

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