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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

Space Grinder 2900

Just a short time ago The Brothers Brick hosted a rather tasty space inspired contest and the world was flooded with amazing futuristic eateries. While driving in too late for that contest, the Space Grinder 2900 ECO by Rat Dude has arrived from a future where food itself is a lot less appetizing than it is now. With a simple two point operating system, the Space Grinder 2900 ECO truly embodies the phrase “food on the go”.

Space Grinder 2900 by Rat Dude

Eight arms to swoosh you

Although this vehicle is titled “Light Armored Squid Attack Fighter”, it doesn’t look like a squid. Squids are soft, cuddly, and cute. No, wait, that’s kittens. Squids have eight tentacles, ink sacs, and lightless fishy eyes. Actually, this space fighter (ink jet?) from BobDeQuatre doesn’t really look like anything with which I’m familiar. But the unique curves and thoughtful patterning appear nautical indeed. Like something one might find scuttling near a coral reef. Why not a squid? Anything with guns like this can call itself what it likes.

Light Armored Squid Attack Fighter

LEGO Koenigsegg CCX is striking and insanely detailed

The Koenigsegg CCX first debuted in 2006 featuring an insane top speed of 245mph, and would set you back around $700,000 USD. But it’s also been named one of the ten most beautiful cars of all time. The Koenigsegg’s gorgeous curved lines are incredibly difficult to render from rectangular bricks, but builder Gerald Cacas has done a great job here. Perhaps more impressively though, he’s filled it to the brim with detail, and even made the doors, engine lid, and hood functional. The engine compartment looks so real you almost can’t believe it’s LEGO, let alone at such a small scale, and the interior is equally astounding. Check out all the pictures after the jump.

My Koenigsegg CCX retake...

My Koenigsegg CCX retake...

Click to see more pictures of the Koenigsegg CCX

The new Ferrari SF16-H is alluring like never before

Ferrari produces some of the best sports cars in the world. And Noah_L builds some of the best LEGO scale models of Ferrari cars. The latest SF16-H, which is actually a Formula 1 car built for the 2016-2017 season, looks amazingly good and is loaded with clever building techniques. What I find the most satisfying is the balance between tiled areas and rare exposed studs. These studs, being hard to cover up, give the vehicle a nice retro look, as if it was one of the legendary Model Team sets from the ’90s.
Ferrari SF16-H (1)
If you’re new to Noah’s collection of cars, I’d strongly recommend you check his Flickr stream and take a look at the huge progress he has made. Can you believe that only 3 years ago his cars looked like this? That’s what happens when your skills align with your passion.

Stunning LEGO Ducati bike

Gerald Cacas says this is his first motorbike model. Let’s hope he builds more, because his recreation of a Ducati 1199 Panigale is stunning. Normally the bike would have moulded cover over this chassis, but stripped back to the barer machine, this looks mean and old-school. I want one.

Ducati 1199 Panigale (Without the cover)

The greebling work and detailing around the engine are fantastic, and the use of LEGO string as brake cables is spot-on. However, the standout piece of building for me is the front headlight – cunningly shaped from an inside-out tyre. Well played.

Does the steam make it shinier?

Moko is an amazing builder – that is a fact. His mechas and character creations are among the best out there, so it was a huge and pleasant surprise when I saw this amazing steampunk car created by him:

Steampunk car

I’ve rarely seen him build vehicles, so seeing this build filled me with joy. Just check out the chromed details, the gear placement, and wood elements mixing perfectly with the build. The characters are also a great addition. They just look like they could be part of a great story.

If by any chance the colors look familiar, well, that is because this car is part of a set:

Steampunk car

We blogged the steampunk mecha not so long ago, but they look so good together, I just drooled when I saw them next to each other. They’re a match made in heaven – a heaven sustained in the air by steam-powered propellers.

Springfield Pool-Mobile

Driving in straight from the 1994 Simpsons episode “Bart of Darkness“, builder Brian Williams has reconstructed the iconic Springfield Pool-Mobile in all its chlorine filled glory. Managing to stuff in 36 Simpsons minifigures (including a few custom figures based on unreleased characters), along with references to multiple episodes, this is surely one Pool-Mobile that will catch your attention. As if a Pool-Mobile alone was not enough!

Springfield Pool-Mobile by Brian Williams

Springfield Pool-Mobile, Homer by Brian Williams

Every speeder looks better in Classic Space style

Don’t know how to give your new speeder a cool and trendy look? Grab some light grey, blue and yellow pieces because everything looks better in Classic Space style. Billyburg proves this simple axiom once more with a top-class makeover of the legendary Star Wars X-31 Landspeeder. This model is awesome in many ways, but I especially love to see the curved windscreen piece, which has already become an inevitable part of this particular vehicle.

Classic Space Landspeeder

Whatever floats your boat

Taipei-based French builder JPascal was inspired by the work of illustrator and concept artist Ian McQue to produce this trio of functional-looking sky boats. The clutter, small details, and non-uniformity of these aerial craft convey a real sense of authenticity, while the bright color schemes are a refreshing departure from the more traditional Steampunk LEGO palette.

To protect and serve Gotham City

ER0L presents an awesome spin on Batman’s Tumbler, changing the black (and sometimes very dark gray) color scheme to something more fitting of Gotham’s police. The red and blue lights and the white paneling in the center work impressively well with the Tumbler. Ignoring the great police stylizing for a bit, the base Tumbler model is one of the most detailed in this scale I’ve seen built with LEGO pieces, and even opens to fit two police minifigures side by side in the cab.

Police Tumbler 2.0

Police Tumbler 2.0

Ridin’ in style from hospital to grave

Today’s post is best enjoyed with a little bit of music. I’m sure builders Lino and Tim will appreciate the musical selection.

Lino and Tim have teamed up to bring us a pair of stylin’ rides that all of us hope to never be in. If you’re going to be in an ambulance or a hearse, wouldn’t you like them to be as awesome as these two?

Lino’s contribution is the 1931 Ford Delivery Ambulance, affectionately called the Flatline Ford. I have full confidence that traffic will move over when they see this bad boy coming after them.

'31 Flatline Ford

From Tim, we have our 1967 Cadillac Hearse. I think “Hell’s Bells” is awfully appropriate for this beast. This hearse will deliver the goods regardless of how far or hard to reach the final resting place might be. I absolutely love the hood ornament!

"Hell's Bells" 1967 Cadillac Hearse

LEGO Forklift truck in action

It is not often that I associate the word “adorable” with a forklift truck, but mahjqa has built a forklift truck that fits the description perfectly.  Bonus points go to the builder for using my favourite Medium Azure colour for the body of this fully functional forklift truck. It’s compact, but packs a lot of power into such a small package.


More importantly than looks, those forks really can lift!  Mhajqa demonstrates this perfectly in his compelling video of the little LEGO forklift busy at work.

As an aside, you will see many palletized goods in the video that are fantastic builds in their own right and are worth a closer look.