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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

This retrofuturistic trike is right from the Victorian era

If you haven’t looked through Vince_Toulouse’s photostream before, please, do so now. His creations are absolutely out of time (and space). And this dark blue trike adds to the collection of bizzare vehicles just perfectly. It’s quite a remarkable model where ultimate style meets a bunch of skillful building solutions.


The King of Sky-Fi strikes again

Jon Hall has done it again – diving out of the sun to hit us with yet another fantastic sky-fi plane.

J-24 Katana

This ticks all the boxes on my “Jon Hall Building Checklist” – unusual shaping, strong color schemes, custom stickers, and cracking photo editing. There’s also some nice parts usage with binoculars in the engine, and black windscreen pieces used to create the cowling.

I want to hold this in my hand and run round the house making screaming attack dive and pew-pew noises. Great stuff.

Camaros as far as the eye can see

This is something of a different post. I was originally going to show off a render of a Camaro from the talented Garry, but it turns out the design here is based off two different versions from Calin. So, instead of giving you just one or the other, here’s the whole lot!

The first version from Calin:


The dragster version with some of the best shaping I’ve ever seen in a build at this scale:

Camaro Z28 Drag Race

Garry’s version with mostly legal connection methods:

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1967

Which is your favourite?

Salvage Buddy just wants to help you, scavenger scum

I’ve been playing a lot of the Binding of Isaac lately, so cute faces on otherwise serious creations has its hooks in me. That’s a small part of the reason this “Salvage Buddy” by Carter Baldwin is so great. The big, blocky head with the derpy face is a perfect contrast to the intricate arms which are promised to “strip a B-class freighter in under 6 hours!”

Salvage Buddy

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but the back detailing seems to have an evil face built into it:

Salvage Buddy

(P.S. I snuck a Star Wars quote into the title!)

Going where no lime wedge has gone before

British builder Tim Goddard (aka Rogue Bantha) is well-known for building Space-themed creations, and his newest build is an eye-catching lime spaceship. The ‘classic space’ colours of grey, blue and transparent yellow have been shunned to create this sublime spaceship. This is another of Tim’s own explorations to broaden his use of colour within the Space theme; we previously blogged his white, tan and azure microscale spacecraft.

Lime Explorator

Tim’s curved ship is beautifully shaped and vaguely reminiscent of a lime wedge in my mind. There are some lovely little details including discrete use of official LEGO stickers. I am definitely a fan of Tim’s ‘greebles’, whose positioning suggests a hugely complex spaceship by showing a ‘teaser’ surface view. The ship’s hull is suitably futuristic with just the right amounts of lime balanced by white and light blueish grey.

The somewhat garish lime colouring and abundance of probes suggests this is more of a scientific exploration vessel, unless it has a cloaking mechanism…

The game has changed

What the 2010 movie sequel TRON: Legacy lacked in terms of story, character development, and avoiding the Uncanny Valley, it more than made up for visually – thanks to the design sense of architecturally-trained director Joseph Kosinski. And while we have seen plenty of LEGO interpretations of the iconic vehicles and characters from both TRON movies, Joe Perez has created the most curve-licious LEGO light cycle to date, at a scale I would never have imagined possible. Breathtaking…

Filled up and ready for a raid

LEGO themes come and go, but some of them stay in our hearts forever. Korean builder bigcrown85 makes us shed some tears with a beautiful remake of some old Model Team sets.

Black cat Rally team

Experienced readers might recognize these legendary vehicles. The jeep on the left is based on the awesome 5510 Off-Road 4×4 from 1986, and the truck on the right is a remake of the B-model from 5571 Giant Truck, which was released in 1996.

Off-Road 4x4 Giant Truck

The builder has refurbished both cars, making them black and red, improving the chassis and upgrading the interiors with all new pieces (he even placed a coffee machine right behind the seats in the driver’s cab!). And the title “Black cat rally team” refers to the giant truck’s alternative set name. A crouching cat was used as a radiator cap, and you can find one on the hood of the jeep as well. What a lovely touch!

Black cat Rally team

All in all, both cars offer a nice representation of how present-day Model Team sets could possibly look: massive, stunning and handsome.

Speeding in style

As LEGO car builders know, creating a small vehicle with lots of features is a difficult task. This slick racer by Wave Noiz hits all the right notes though, with butterfly doors, great driver visibility, and dual-exhaust all packaged into a tiny sports car body just big enough to fit a minifig. In my opinion, it all comes together like a fantastic new concept for a Batmobile.


Tank beats everything

Nick G‘s model of the Russian T-90MS main battle tank looks armed and ready to blow the LEGO battlefield to bits. All the subtle shapes and lines in Nick’s replica are true to the real tank; a challenge to accomplish at his chosen scale. On top of that, the builder mentions it features a working suspension system.


I’m more impressed with his variant of the same build with added ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor). Smart use of gold ingots in light gray to show the separation of ERA panels.

T-90MS with ERA-Merry Christmas!

The Santa 3000

This build was inspired by a small child asking how Santa managed to get all over the world in one evening. I figured he’d need something a bit beefier than a team of flying ungulates…

The Santa 3000

I build a Christmas-themed LEGO creation every year as part of our decorations, but am generally too busy to get it photographed and posted during the run up, and it never feels appropriate after the day itself. However, I managed to grab some time today to get a photo and I thought I’d post it here to wish you all a happy holiday season.

Relax, eat too much, have a few drinks, and maybe build some stuff. That’s what I’ll be doing.

This T-72A is an eye candy among military machines

Every talanted builder has his or her own particular style of bulding and presentation. And the longer you follow your favorite authors, the more recognizable their styles become. But then there are collaborations. And what I love the most about them is the fact that you can never predict the result. And this time Sunder_59 brings us an amazingly executed digital render of SiMaI7’s (Kirill Simerzin) latest T-72A military tank. You should already know Sunder_59 as we mentioned a couple of his renders not so long ago. Personally I’m rather apathetic towards digital building, but the quality of this rendering is outstanding. And don’t hesitate to examine the model online.

T-72A By SiMaI7

Literal container truck

I’ve made a huge, tiny mistake. You see, back when I was purchasing these LEGO Creator Sets, I just dumped out the contents and threw those cheesy containers straight into the recycling bin. I didn’t even think twice about it. But F@bz on the other hand, sensibly squirreled them away for safe keeping. And take a look at this! Who knew those containers could look so perfect? (F@bz did, that’s who.)

Yamaha Tank truck (01)

With spot-on sticker use and just the right amount of color, texture, and playability, this truck is a beauty to behold. In addition to the insane NPU (“nice parts usage”), I particularly like the ladder, wheels, and the entire front end. Be sure to check out all of the photos here and remember, every LEGO piece has potential.