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Bridging the Gap

Lego castle builds always seem to tell a story at just one glance, or perhaps it’s simply my overactive imagination. Lego builder Taylor has titled this one “Unexpected Visitors”, giving us a starting point to envision the scenario presented here. Is the visitor the king and his personal guard? Or do we see a herald on an important mission delivering a message? The bridge in this scene could tell a story on its own, but the inclusion of the minifigures deepens that narrative to another level. The façade of the bridge conveys both its age and strength while the rockwork and plants create the impression of the bridge connecting two mountains. What do you see? The start of a battle? The start of an alliance between factions?

Unexpected Visitors

Grocery getters gone wild

A family station wagon having a wild personality is about as surprising as finding out your mom has a Tinder account. But that is what’s going on here with this newest LEGO creation by Taylor. The builder says they started with some magenta parts and the design flowed from there. There’s a bouncing lowrider stance, a bright, flamboyant paint job, blinged-out rims, and enough gold to sink a pirate ship. This wild ride is a real crowd-pleaser; just like my mom’s Tinder account.

Family Wagon