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Tim’s take on the Slab Wagon

LEGO car and sometimes architecture builder Tim Inman has built a 1963 Chevy II Station Wagon and suddenly I’m tickled pink. Or tan. I’m tickled tan, actually. It’s a well-known fact that they commonly call the Chevy II Station Wagon the “Slab Wagon”. By “they” I mean me and by “well-known fact” I mean I made that up just now. But it’s fast thinking like this is the reason why they pay me big bucks here at The Brothers Brick. Or so they tell me. It’s hard to keep track of your fortunes when everything is direct deposit. Anyway, I’m loving the red interior juxtaposed against the understated tan paint job. The roof rack, even the ice skater blades used as door handles are all great touches.

1963 Chevy II Station Wagon

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We got your wagon covered.

We like supercars as much as anyone else, but there’s something equally cool about vintage rides like this Volvo 240 estate by Jonathan Elliott (JE Brickworks). I mean, you’re in for a world of hurt if you try and move a couch on the roof of your Lamborghini. A model that deserves a closer look, this blue beauty has a tilted minifigure ice skate for the Volvo logo and particularly clever use of steering wheels for wheel rims.

Volvo Wagon

If you prefer your Volvos to be a bit more “heavy duty”, then check out our review of the LEGO Technic 42114 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler or this amazing fan-built, radio-controlled  1/20-scale Volvo FH.

LEGO car crash? Just rebuild it!

LEGO builder Matthew Terentev built an amazing Technic replica of a 70s-era Russian station wagon, the GAZ-24, and then he crashed it. The result is this fascinating depiction of a crashed LEGO car, which is something that even after years of featuring LEGO models here on The Brothers Brick I haven’t seen done well more than a few times.  Rather than just being a partially disassembled pile of bricks, you can tell exactly how the front-right impact crumpled the hood and bumper of this racer.

GAZ-2402 - drift edition

What’s even more unusual is for a LEGO car to have a story. But Matthew didn’t just build the crashed Gaz-24. Instead, he gives us its whole life as a car, starting with the original, factory spec wagon.

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Straight out of the ’70s, this classic wagon is “groovy.”

From 1972 through 1994, Ford marketed the Granada (not to be confused with the U.S. Granada, which is a different vehicle) as a an executive car for the British market. Mateusz Waldowski built this slick LEGO version of a 1977 Granada MK1 station wagon, and it looks well-suited for any minifigure family vacation. In terms of accuracy, Mateusz has done a great job of capturing the overall shape of the vehicle. The grille is spot-on, and the five-wide half-stud offset technique used for the upper half of the vehicle helps emulate the subtle slant of the window pillars.

1977 Ford Granada Mk1 (02)

Mateusz put a lot of effort into detailing his station wagon, and the end result is enjoyable. It sports windshield wipers, a top-mounted luggage rack, clever door handles, and even custom chrome trim (represented by strips of silver decals). Another enjoyable feature is the tilt to the front wheels, which helps create the impression of steering. I almost want to take this adorable wagon on an overnight camping trip!

1977 Ford Granada Mk1 (05)