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LEGO car crash? Just rebuild it!

LEGO builder Matthew Terentev built an amazing Technic replica of a 70s-era Russian station wagon, the GAZ-24, and then he crashed it. The result is this fascinating depiction of a crashed LEGO car, which is something that even after years of featuring LEGO models here on The Brothers Brick I haven’t seen done well more than a few times.  Rather than just being a partially disassembled pile of bricks, you can tell exactly how the front-right impact crumpled the hood and bumper of this racer.

GAZ-2402 - drift edition

What’s even more unusual is for a LEGO car to have a story. But Matthew didn’t just build the crashed Gaz-24. Instead, he gives us its whole life as a car, starting with the original, factory spec wagon.

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