Anyone hip for a road trip?

The classic 2011 model of the beloved T1 VW van is back in this LEGO model by Isaac Wilder! Isaac has done an excellent job miniaturizing the old model using a triangular sign to capture the swoosh of white on the front of the van, chrome silver 2×2 dishes (discontinued in 2004!) for the hub caps, and even reusing the curtains from the original. Isaac hasn’t skipped on the scenery either. The pine tree and the olive green bush below it look like they are partially held together by interlocking the fronds of different leaf parts. So grab your rainbow shirts and tie-dye folks. We’re off to the Woodstock and the era of peace and love, baby!


5 comments on “Anyone hip for a road trip?

  1. Katie Walker

    Hi! Cute model!

    I really came here to say that I rebuilt my Hogwarts castle and one part under the outside window seems very unfinished and I kept looking and looking for clear photos to make sure I wasn’t missing anything…. Even though the manual seemed to leave it incomplete. And I googled around and finally found the Brothers Brick review of that set and Andrew had the same complaint I did, and now I feel like I’m not going crazy.

    So thank you for being such a wonderful and thorough resource! ♥️

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