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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Class is in session, in space

I love when a builder places minifigs in unexpected or unusual settings, and that’s exactly what justin_m_winn has done here. Rather than piloting through space or roving unknown planets, these minifigs are occupied with a higher purpose: Learning. (Though I suppose they’re probably learning how to pilot through space and rove upon unknown planets). Justin’s diverse class of space students is comprised of minifigs from across LEGO’s various space themes and is packed full of fun details. My favorites include the teacher’s futuristic pointing stick, the stadium seating, and the smart board.

Space Academy - Lecture Room L15a

A small but perfectly formed spaceship

This micro-scale spaceship built by Sergeant Chipmunk proves that diminutive stature can still have impact. The LEGO genre of Neo Classic Space comes with its own set of rules which Sergeant Chipmunk has obeyed when building his LL-345 Kestral — using the Classic Space colours of blue and light bluish gray, landing lights correctly oriented on wingtips (green-right, red – left), yellow only used for ‘bumble-bee’ stripes that should point forward, and cockpit windows in trans-yellow.

LL-345 KestrelOf course rules are made to be broken but sometimes it is fun to build within a set of parameters or guidelines to test your building skills.

Arrival at Base Echo 9

There’s nothing quite like coming up on a massive space station while cruisin’ the universe in your tiny ship to give you hope and longing to stand properly. FonsoSac gives us a glorious micro-scale space station, complete with approaching ship.

The build overall is simple, but effective. I like the wheel as engines for the smaller ship, and the main station itself has enough detail to give an appropriate impression of size.

Arrival at Base Echo 9

Blacktron Rhino rides the rails

Nefarious Blacktron forces may inhabit the remote reaches of space, but that doesn’t mean they lack sweet infrastructure. We’ve already brought you a peek at Stephan Niehoff’s take on Blacktron’s new battle tank, the Scorpion II, and now Stephan lets us get a good look at the sleek Rhino, Blacktron’s on-planet wartime materiel supply solution.


Strategic pursuit

Far from the present, at the Futuron base
A small ship alit on the platform with grace
No ruckus was raised, no alarm began screaming
But the alleys have ears, and data was streaming
A blue and white robot did power itself on
And began to creep silently through the cold dawn
Fly, little ship, you’ve got nothing to prove!
Strategic Pursuer 1 is on the move…

Model by Andrew Lee.

Strategic Pursuer 1 is on the move.

Incom YB-81 bomber is armed to the teeth

.Tromas is particularly talented at designing compact minifig-scale starships. He’s back again with an awesome model of YB-81 bomber. Its main weapon might not look to impressive, but don’t be fooled. In fact, this small craft is packed with all kinds of gun barrels and bombs. There are dual laser cannons, a bomb bay, a modular concussion missile pod… you name it.

Incom YB-81 Long Range Fighter-Bomber 'Draygon'

The bomber’s rear also deserves your appreciation. Those nozzles and the spot-on use of irregular pieces here and there make this starfighter into a lovely model.

Incom YB-81 Long Range Fighter-Bomber 'Draygon'

Giant LEGO City set to launch Space Shuttle in 3, 2, 1

South Korean professional building team Olive Seon specialize in creating huge layouts for retail stores to showcase official LEGO sets (like this epic UCS-scale Star Wars trench run or a true minifig-scale Stay Puft marshmallow man terrorizing the city). Though the official sets are the focus, the team are masters at integrating them into beautiful custom backdrops, and I never tire of seeing the official sets nestled into dioramas like the LEGO catalogs from the 80s and 90s. Olive Seon’s latest diorama is worth it just for the epic shuttle launch they’ve portrayed. Never has the 60080 Spaceport shuttle looked so good.

Giant LEGO City

Giant LEGO City Shuttle Launch

Beautiful Soviet spacecraft – now THIS is classic space

This year we celebrate 55 years since the first human spaceflight in history. Tyler takes on the role of a Soviet space program chief designer and commemorates the event in a stunning couple of spacecraft — Vostok-1 and Soyuz — classic craft from the early days of putting cosmonauts into orbit.


Take a moment to notice the choice of pieces. Pretty unpretentious, yet with ordinary slopes and wedges Tyler magically creates curved shapes of various diameters, which look fascinating even in plain grey colors. The aerials and dishes are especially heartwarming as they resemble the style of the legendary Discovery sets from 2003. What is so outstanding about the Soyuz model is the use of studs of various colors under trans-blue tiles — a simple and amazingly effective solution. These solar panels look even cooler than stickers from the said Discovery sets.


In space, size matters

There are a lot of neat play features packed into this tiny space exploration vehicle. But it’s the ambiguous scale that tickles me. Is it a remote-controlled rover, barely larger than a cat? Or a mammoth-sized truck, so tall you could walk under it without ducking? It could hold fifty people — or less than five. Only Shannon Sproule knows for sure.

Lava Explorers Armoured pickup

FOTC Hawk from Destiny

I’m not really into video games unless they have the name Zelda in the title. But the kids seem to dig some sci-fi game called Destiny, and there are a lot of great LEGO models based on its concept art. This FOTC Hawk from Jake Mundy is the latest example, and there are a heap of nifty techniques in this angular contraption. Check out the full gallery for some inspirational detail and cutaway pictures.

Destiny FOTC Hawk Concept

Fuelling the future

justin_m_winn brings us a vision of a clean-energy future with this scene of a Fuel Cell facility running a test. There’s a good mixture of spacey greebling and robots with more ordinary minifigs. This creates a strong sense of everyday activity in a sci-fi setting.

Fuel Cell J/03/L Diagnostic Testing

Justin has other images of maintenance and day-to-day work at the facility. They all display the same combination of good near-future design and excellent photography…

Unplanned Maintenance - Main Services Tunnel, Sector M11

Night Shift - Gemini Base Station, Sector F3

Saturn up close and personal with the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft

We are discovering new things about Saturn regularly thanks to the NASA-ESA collaboration, Cassini-Huygens. And thanks to Stefan Schindler, we can view his gorgeous model of the spacecraft whenever we’d like. The model uses a few custom-gold pieces to emulate the craft’s special thermal shielding. The spacecraft is made up of the Cassini orbiter, named for Italian-French astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini, and the Huygens prob, named for Dutch astronomer, mathematician and physicist Christiaan Huygens.


Cassini has contributed to many scientific discoveries and regularly sends back some of the most stunning imagery of Saturn, its rings, and its moons. Its mission started upon launch on October 15, 1997, and is still going strong nearly 20 years later.