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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Corridor spaces are the best Space spaces

A beautifully-lit space corridor scene? Yes please. SweStar is the builder behind this great little model, and they’ve done an excellent job of creating a whole galaxy’s worth of atmosphere in a tight space. There’s a genuine sense of tension and impending trouble here. I want to know what’s going to happen next.


Space shaman is set to stun

All too often, LEGO space models can be a sea of light gray. This cracking little creation from Chris Perron breaks the mould with a wonderful splash of color.

Space Shaman

The mech obviously features a bold color scheme, but there’s some great parts usage on show too — check out the use of the alien legs as feet. And I’m enjoying the metallic silver pieces, particularly the figure’s staff which I think adds a nice little touch of fantasy to this sci-fi scene.

Chris says this was inspired by another builder’s model in a very different genre. I think it’s cool when builders link to their inspiration like this, it shows how ideas travel and change from person to person.

Launch Status: looking good

We’ve featured a couple of justin_m_winn‘s scenes of everyday life in the future previously. His models just keep getting better. This latest creation has a strong sense of being part of a greater world — the control room seems an island of activity in some kind of vast hangar. There’s a good use of lighting too. Sometimes nice interior touches in models are lost in photographs, but not here. Check out those classic printed control panel slopes…

Unmanned Probe RBN-10: Launch Status Check

In space, no one can hear you “pew-pew”

You know you’ve seen a great spaceship model when it inspires you to try to build your own, and this model by Leonardo Lopez does that for me.

TIZONA - space fighter - IB 02

The design of the Tizona is excellent. With four huge thrusters, this thing looks like it can go really fast, and the two main canons fit the design beautifully. The cockpit is also very creative and fits a minifig inside, but what strikes me the most is the unconventional shape and amazing colors.

Al’s Space Diner

The Fifth Element sits squarely in my top five sci-fi films of all time. I absolutely love the characters and world that’s been created. Priovit70 has crafted this fabulous fly-in retro hot-dog stand that looks like Corbin Dallas may have swung by on more than one occasion, depending on how many points were on his license that day. I like to believe he took Leeloo there and she was less than impressed.

It’s colorful, it’s got character, and there’s a great story going on with this place.

Al's space diner - photo

Dragonfly future-cycle

Don’t let the wings fool you, this isn’t a flying mech. It’s a three-wheeled cycle from the mind of Vince Toulouse. It’s not often I see a vehicle that looks truly unique, but this one definitely fits the bill, making great use of those Hailfire Droid wheels and Ant-man insect wings while somehow achieving a great retro-futuristic panache. Look closely and you’ll spot a rare Belleville crown as a decorative detail, and even notice that this isn’t minifig scale; instead it seats a Technic figure.

Rolling Bug

Rolling Bug

NASA’s workhorse: the Crawler Transport

It’s 3.5 miles from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launchpad 39A at Kennedy Space Center. It was quite the feat to figure out how to transport a moon rocket from point its assembly point to the launch site, since rockets weigh QUITE a bit. The solution? The crawler-transport. This workhorse of NASA’s fleet moves a stunning 1 mile per hour, and uses over 100 gallons of diesel fuel per mile when fully loaded. The crawler transport goes under the mobile launch platform; the vehicle is assembled on top. Then the crawler goes on its merry way to the launchpad, and off it goes.

These beauties are massive, and dorian glacet brings us his fabulous version along with a modified orbiter from 60080 Spaceport. He’s extended the shuttle, fuel tank, and boosters, which give the whole build a better sense of scale.

Shuttle 01

Spacetank! Spacetank! SPACETANK!

Norton74 has built a maintenance bay, home to a chunky tank decked out in Classic Space livery. Round here we love it when people build interesting new creations that pay homage to retro LEGO themes. This scene totally fits the bill.

"Blue Bull" Space Tank at the maintenance hangar

The expected mix of blue and gray, and the trans-yellow windows, are all present and correct, plus there’s an excellent sense of activity with all those minifigs bustling around. However, the undoubted star of the show is the tank itself, and I’m pleased the builder posted a “hero shot” to showcase it in all its glory…

"Blue Bull" | S-class Space Tank

Space Chefs contest – Winners Announced!

There were some amazing entries cooked up for our Space Chefs contest. It took us a while to narrow the field down to our absolute favorites. But the votes are in, the judges have decided, and here are the results.

First place in the Cosmic Kitchen category goes to IamKritch with his fabulous Intergalactic Sushi stand…

Intergalactic Sushi 03

We loved the compact kiosk, the clever use of curved pieces to create a space-age feel, and all the fun and detail — in particular, all the printed tiles and the bin monster!

And first place in the Space Chefs On-The-Go category goes to Ted Andes for his Gruel Wagon…

Gruel Wagon

This made some of the judges laugh-out-loud. It’s a great idea, well-executed. The flow of the gloopy gruel from the hose is particularly good.

Click to see the runners-up & the Master Chef winner!

LEGO M-Tron Core Magnetiser 2.0 now available in all stores (may not be available in all stores)

British builder Andrew Hamilton is on a one-man campaign to relaunch the LEGO M-Tron theme which retired back in 1993. Andrew has updated LEGO set 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer. Actually “updated” is an understatement. Check out the Mega Core Magnetizer 2.0 — a fantastic vehicle with a double-width set of caterpillar tracks and a beautifully shaped hull encompassing a rear hatch, power functions. AND it even utilises magnets (the M in M-Tron was a nod to the use of magnets in this theme).

Mega Core Magnetiser 2.0

All the details can be seen on the 360° view of the Mega Core Magnetiser 2.0, but first, we must pause for this short, highly entertaining commercial for the Mega Core Magnetiser 2.0.

Old friends, new faces: LEGO Space reimagined

Space is one of LEGO’s core themes, along with Castle and Town. These three themes, for me, form the foundation that the rest of LEGO is built on. As a kid, and even now, my tastes run definitely toward the Castle/Town end of things. I am, however, developing a healthy regard for Space that comes from a passion around real spacecraft. I have a lot of respect for space builders, because it’s a theme I struggle to build in myself.

Jeremy Croft has taken a look at LEGO Space, and re-imagined many of the classic themes. He’s titled his series “Old Friends, New Faces,” and each build is full of nostalgia. Let’s count down Jeremy’s 10 builds, and wander back to when space was blue, grey, and trans-yellow.

OFNF #4: Space Police I

Click to launch in 3… 2… 1… go!

Tintin’s LEGO rocket takes off from the moon!

This impressive rocket by Tyler Clites depicts Tintin’s rocket in Explorers on the Moon, the 17th volume of the famous comic series The Adventures of Tintin by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The classic red and white chequered rocket is beautifully shaped with traditional slopes, wedges and curved slopes. The jet thrust gives rise to some fantastically simple but effective smoke, maintaining the original cartoon feel.

Tintin Rocket

There is also a detailed interior allowing the construction of this LEGO creation to be admired. Tyler has used a mix of Technic and system parts to build the rocket, but you can see that the inner construction is not a hidden construction site but a functional part of the final build.

Tintin Rocket Interior

Fans of Tintin will also enjoy a previous build by Tyler of Tintin’s moon explorer vehicle from the same comic series. Tyler’s version of Tintin’s rocket is not the first time this vehicle has been featured here on TBB – Tintin’s Rocket by Gonkius was a previous, memorable version.