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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Banana-flavored fighter doesn’t slip up

Pico can Grootveld‘s latest LEGO starfighter combines a striking design with an eye-popping color scheme. The presentation is excellent, with the banana-bright yellow bursting off the black and white backdrop. But it’s the building details that catch the eye, inviting a zoomed-in view to see some of the lovely touches and techniques up close. Don’t miss the tapered cockpit, the pin-joints used as gun housings, and the judicious use of stickers for added depth and texture.

VV / EQUINOX - nnovvember 2016

Chugging through the starry skies

LEGO Vic Vipers tend toward the sharp and angular, with sleek lines and sharp corners. Each design must meet strict requirements epitomized by the late Nate “nnenn” Nielsen. Not so with this bulbous affair by Tyler Clites. Tyler’s Vic Viper has enormous, rounded engines — with frying pans as intake vanes, no less — and stubby little wings, with bright, childish colors. But it’s no less a legitimate Vic Viper than Nick Trotta’s Serrated Night.

Vic Viper: Arini

Cutting through the jagged night

Master of spacetastic angles Nick Trotta has outdone himself with his latest LEGO spaceraft, dubbed the Serrated Night. Indeed, this ship looks like it would cut through the dark night of outer space with stunning precision. Nick says that he took inspiration for this Vic Viper from the anime Yukikaze and the F-117 stealth fighter.

Serrated Night 3V

Black is a notorious color to build with and successfully photograph, but Nick uses lines of blue along the wings’ edges and presents the ship against a planetary atmosphere to offset the black. Nick also says that this is his largest ship to date, which has enabled him to incorporate lots of fantastic details, from judicious use of LEGO ingots to peeping yellow studs.

Serrated Night 3V: Rear 3/4

Beat the weekend traffic with this Blacktron Assault Tank

Peter Reid, lover of all things spacey and grey in the LEGO world, has been building in black. More specifically, Peter has built a Blacktron Assault Tank in the classic Blacktron colours of black and yellow. Peter’s little tank is one of a collection of builds that showcase some black LEGO elements as part of The New Black parts festival on New Elementary. This cute little tank uses Nexo Knights shields and long skeleton legs to good effect, but the track with those lovely yellow ‘wheels‘ are a real highlight for me.

Blacktron 'Wolverine' Assault Tank

If you are experiencing some flashbacks to GI Joe then that’s because the design is loosely based on the Wolverine vehicle from the series. There are other views and further discussion over on the New Elementary blog post. I have to say that the only tank I have been in is a Challenger 2, and there were no black tassels hanging off the back.

Classic Space scavenges Bionicle bits for fierce fighter

This nifty little spacecraft by Ted Andes bears the Classic Space emblem, but the aesthetic has taken a turn for the modern. It’s a cool mashup, and I’m particularly drawn to the way the old logo looks on a large, smooth swath of grey wing. This fighter also makes good use of a number of oft-overlooked large Bionicle pieces to create an aggressive look.

Valkyrie VV

Lock n’ load for planet conquering

It took me some time to realize why this brilliant viper by Cole Blaq looks so scary, but I finally got it: it totally resembles one of those anglerfishes from the darkest depths of the ocean. Here are its big globe-shaped head and some huge sharp claws, but instead of a fleshy lure it has a couple of massive barrels on its back. I doubt this fighter brings anything but devastation, but at least it does it in a spectacular way for sure.


The fighter’s peculiar design is the result of an evolution through seven rounds of the Starfighter Telephone Game. The earlier ship by Pascal Schmidt gave Cole’s creation it bright color scheme, spherical cock-pit and four wings in an “X” shape.

Project Seven

Going where Star Trek tends to go, into Space

The television series Star Trek: Deep Space 9 actually went where no Star Trek series had gone before – it was the first series that took place on a starbase rather than a starship. Clearly vehicles were still required as no one would want to be stuck on a starbase without the opportunity to encounter some new species or tackle some intergalactic crisis. Larsvader has built this huge minifig scale LEGO version of the USS Yukon (NCC-74602), which was a Danube-class runabout used extensively in the series.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Runabout Yukon

The builder has managed to ensure that his Star Trek minifigure personnel are as comfortable as possible. The interior includes a large crew cabin complete with sleeping and dining areas for extended travel. There is also a compact personnel transporter to ensure there can be a dramatic transportation just in the nick of time. Of course the cockpit comes complete with beeping screen, tactical stations and an escape hatch. But where is the toilet?!

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Runabout Yukon

Fly the friendly space-lanes aboard the R-9A Arrowhead

LEGO Friends minidolls don’t often get to blast through outer space aboard sleek, heavily armed ships with massively overpowered engines, but MiniGray! has amended that oversight with the R-9A Arrowhead. Vaguely reminiscent of a Taiidan gunship from Homeworld, the ship is striking in white with spots of aqua and red with machinery details in gray and black.

R-9A ARROW-HEAD ver1.2

See more of this excellent spaceship

Retro design for a futuristic fighter

NoVVember, the annual celebration of Vic Viper spaceships has already brought us a Viper from an imaginary next-gen LEGO Space theme. Not to be outdone, Pascal takes his Vic Viper in a distinctly old school direction with this Classic Space-inspired design.

NCS Cobra

I love the understated greeble details down the ship’s flanks and around the engines, and all the key Classic Space elements are present and correct — red and green trans plates, yellow and black stripes, and a nice trans-yellow cockpit. Although this is a Vic Viper, it wouldn’t have looked out of place in the official LEGO Space sets from the early-80s. And I mean that in a good way!

In space nobody can hear your screaming colors

Stephan Niehoff brings into play some yellow slopes, combines them with black grilles and chrome silver touches and — voilà! — a top-class starfighter is swooshing through the space. Its main design feature, a smooth curved canopy above the cockpit, is an awesome alternative to excessive greebling made of tiny tools, and it goes perfectly with the huge cockpit glass — not the most useful LEGO part with a print on it, but it looks as pretty as if it had been specially designed for this creation.


Sky high tide

The fantastic sky boats of Ian McQue continue to inspire LEGO builders far and wide. This latest iteration from Dwalin Forkbeard freshens the style by using different angles than we’ve seen before. The bow of the craft uses long slopes at an angle that resembles a Viking ship — a motif that is reinforced by the tires hanging off the sides like rune-covered Norse shields. Meanwhile, the cabin of the ship has a jaunty lean, reminding us that this style is just as much fiction as science. And of course the mechanical details are great throughout. Plus, it doesn’t smell like rotting fish.

Cloud Catcher

LEGO V.I.N.CENT. goes in, through...and beyond

Pascal explores the depths of space with this awesome rendition of V.I.N.CENT. (Vital Information Necessary CENTralized.) from Disney’s The Black Hole. The Black Hole has not aged well, in my opinion, but V.I.N.CENT. has always been one of my favorite movie robots. Pascal has managed to capture his essence quite well. You can almost hear Roddy McDowell’s voice coming over the speakers. The expression of the eyes and studless build technique are perfect. One also has to love the presentation, using the same black hole graphic as in the movie.