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From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Spaceship ticks the right boxes on the pre-launch checklist

After his interesting take on a methane-powered moon rover, Jon Blackford turns his attention to a more traditional interpretation of the future of space travel. This twin-seater spacecraft is a wonderful riff on LEGO’s Classic Space theme, with all the key elements of the checklist in place. Blue and gray color scheme? Check. Trans-yellow canopy? Check. Green and red navigation lights? Check. Black and yellow stripes? Check.


But what separates this creation from so many other Classic Space models is the wonderful level of depth and texture Jon has got into those wing panels. This is LEGO Space building at its finest. Couple the quality of the model with some excellent photography and you’ve got a memorable creation, despite the familiarity of its styling. Don’t miss this image of the spaceship coming into land, revealing more of the detailing…

Landing approach

Ares-3 off the drawing board

The friendliest looking starfighter you’ve ever seen has made the leap from LEGO Digital Designer to the real world. BobDeQuatre designed this ship three years ago in LDD and has made excellent use of several new bricks to take the design from “cool” to “really something else” during its translation to physical form.


The soft, bubbly white curves stand out against the blackness of space with flashy spectral pink and purple highlights, so at first you might miss the pair of giant, black-armored cannons on the front.
Take a moment to compare this ship to its original digital incarnation, since they’re very much similar ships built with very different styles.


Someone call for an exterminator?

I’m not fan of rats, cockroaches, and alien critters skittering around my spaceship, but I’m also not sure I’d like to have Djokson‘s character around either. He’s stocky, he’s menacing, he has a big gun and probably leaves a trail of aliens to match.The Exterminator
There is a lot of excellent color contrast in this build, with a few bright-colored pieces popping against the black armor and background. The blue hose caught my eye first, but then you look up and see the dark red eyes of the mask and suddenly the exterminator seems a lot less friendly. And be sure to keep four eyes out for some really excellent parts use on his alien trophy.

A blip patrols the executive corridor in Alpha Zero Niner

At first glance Jeremy Williams‘ Night Patrol might not look like much is going on, but this atmospheric space corridor with patrolling “blip” is fantastic. Simple yet brilliant, I love the clever use of the 1×4 spring shooter for the door details. Combined with clever creative lighting, the scene feels real. You can almost feel the silence, waiting for the whhhhhsht of the door as it opens and the automated electronic beep as the blip passes through. Then whhhhhsht the door closes again, leaving the corridor silent and empty once more.

Night Patrol

The monstrous Vengeful Spirit

A “SHIP” is a large scale LEGO spaceship, specifically one of at least 100 studs in length (or height!). They are a popular theme to build, especially for convention displays. This specific SHIP by Tim Clark appeared at Brickworld 2016, but apparently the photos had to travel for seven months to reach the internet. Worth the wait? It sure is!

Vengeful Spirit

The builder has created quite a few SHIPs over the years, which you can see in his MOC Pages album, but this one is his largest so far at amazing 164 studs of length. It is also his first one that is not mostly light gray, which is a colour all too often used on large builds. Tim used many of his already tested techniques that he used in his other capital ships, but the larger scale called for new implementations of these techniques for more stability. The overall shape is what is the most important in large spaceships, and the Vengeful Spirit hits the nail on the head here. The small details like trans light-blue elements and turrets are the cherry on the top.

Vengeful Spirit

There are many more detail photos on the builder’s MOC page of the Vengeful Spirit, as well as the inspiration picture.

If you can’t beat them, join the Space Marines

The LEGO Group have wandered into the realm of wearable LEGO with things like the LEGO Friends Friends Jewelery Set #853440, but this helmet and shoulder armour by Timofey_Tkachev takes wearable LEGO to a whole other level. Tomofey’s  LEGO cosplay is inspired by the Space Marines from  Warhammer 40K, originally the tabletop miniatures game and now a video game.

Space Marine 1

The shaping of the helmet is particularly impressive, especially around the eye sockets and the mouth where accuracy has been maintained despite the difficulties when using LEGO pieces to build curves.

Space Marine 3

And the green-eyed bot forever gazes down

If sci-fi robots are your thing, then Pete Reid is your man. He builds LEGO robots that are so detailed and full of greebles they wouldn’t look out of place in a Boston Dynamics demonstration video. I love his latest creation — the Digital Ombudsman. It’s got a wonderful poise and balance, making great use of lots of different connections and parts you wouldn’t expect. A quick glance reveals pirate hooks, spanners, ingots, ray guns, and handlebars all making their appearance to create the complex mechanical look. On top of all the detail, the robot’s green eye is fantastic.

Digital Ombudsman

This was built as part of a feature looking at potential uses for the new bar-and-towball piece over at New Elementary. Check it out here.

Flies like a space butterfly, stings like a galactic hornet

Space isn’t always dark – sometimes there exists flashes of blue, gray and trans-yellow. ZCerberus has done a fine job capturing those colors with his Neo-Classic Space fighter. You have to love this style of space building, which has seen a significant comeback over the past ten years or so, alongside the Blacktron style of building. The color scheme here is spot on and there’s plenty of little details to enjoy. The converging blue and light bluish-gray lines on the side of the fuselage are a particularly aesthetic touch.


One also has to appreciate the good use of an otherwise awkward and bulky canopy piece (being Neo-Classic Space, a trans-yellow canopy is a must). Overall, this little space fighter looks more than ready to rain destruction on its Blacktron foes.

We’re in the pipe, five by five

First there was Blacktron in 1987, then there was Blacktron II in 1991. Now Luc Byard may have created Blacktron 3.0 with this awesome updated Blacktron landing pad. His ship “Aerial Intruder” sits on the octagonal landing gantry with alien hieroglyphs. Sitting atop four carefully constructed legs on a tidy base with realistic  moon surface pocked with brick-built craters.

Blacktron Landing Pad 01

The whole construction took over a year to complete (6 months for the ship and 7 months for the pad). When you see the level of complexity and details that have gone into this incredible creation you can understand why. Continue reading

Top 10 most popular LEGO creations on TBB in 2016 [News]

The TBB editorial team recently announced our shortlist for LEGO Creation of the Year, but what do you our readers think? Over the course of the year, you let your mouse clicks do the talking, and it’s clear that you felt the same way about many of the best LEGO creations we highlighted. Based on clicks, likes, shares, and other stats, here are the top 10 most popular LEGO creations featured on The Brothers Brick in 2016, as voted by you!

10. LEGO Technic Porsche 919, the 2015 Le Mans winner

Manuel Nascimento honored the winner of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans race with this gorgeous Porsche 919 built from LEGO Technic pieces. Manuel’s Porsche sports custom stickers, and has numerous working features.

LEGO Technic - Porsche 919 - Le Mans 2015 v.

See the rest of the best after the jump!

Cruising for a bruising

Stumbling across a pair of 48×48 baseplates in his collection, Joshua Brooks realized a bay for his Viceroy-class battlecruiser the IFS ILLIES (221) would look awesome. The ILLIES looks quite at home in this brilliantly detailed landing bay, getting re-armed by the loading crane. Under the watchful eye of the control tower, the ILLIES looms over the general hustle and bustle of the hanger floor. The multi-storeyed building, parked cars, small space-craft, and truck making a turn on the road give you a sense of the gigantic scale of the vessel.

Landing Bay D3, IFNB Discoera, Alphanta

Armed to the teeth with an assortment of cannons, lasers, and turrets, this ship looks like a sleek and precision-engineered instrument of brute force. And with its own mini docking bay and fleet of small fighters, it seems ready to take on any hostile targets.

IFS ILLIES hanger bay, SHIPtember 2016

Check out Joshua’s previously featured Shallow Water Assault Patrol Enforce and AH8-Raptor.

This spaceship catches some nice angles

This lovely LEGO spaceship by The Backward One is sure to grab attention as it cruises through the galaxy with enough stylish curves to make a space pirate blush — that is, before he flees in terror from its impressive firepower.

UNEN Serditsya

Simply put, this is one pretty ship. The sharp angles of the prow contrast nicely with the sleeker curves of the fuselage and missile compartments (the differing angle of the last missile pod is a particularly aesthetic touch). Together the varying styles and color choices result in a pleasingly unique design.

UNEN Serditsya

Intended to be a Russian vessel, it’s also apparent the builder pays homage to Soviet and Russian military/space designs. It’s an interesting choice and well-executed here. So, although they can’t hear you scream in space, the crew of this stylish ship might see you gaze in awe!