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LEGO provides the perfect medium for recreating the buildings and landmarks of the world — LEGO has even released a line of official LEGO Architecture sets. Check out our coverage of the official sets, and don’t miss all the gorgeous architectural models created by LEGO fans from around the world.

Incredibly detailed Sydney Opera House, two years in the making

The amount of time and care put into this amazing cutaway by Ryan McNaught (TheBrickMan) and Erik Varszegi is absolutely mindblowing. While we’ve seen others tackle the intricate shapes of the iconic Sydney Opera house, the fully realized interior takes this build to a whole new level.

Eco-house of the future

Architecture isn’t usually a theme I build in, but I do appreciate when it’s done well. TBB newcomer Adam Hollings (Night Hawk_) has built a really nifty Eco friendly house:

Eco-Friendly Home of the Future

It’s an example of a very nice and clean build, and looks almost too simple… until you take a closer look. There is some really nice detailed styling he accomplished by building studs out creating some nice vertical lines. But the really cool part are the windows. Using levers to hold glass is nothing new, but using technic axles to frame the windows? Now that’s a new trick I have to remember.

Villa Amanzi is an amazing holiday-getaway

If Phuket in Thailand tickles your fancy and you’ve got some money to burn, perhaps Villa Amanzi is just the place to rent for your holiday.

Villa Amanzi

This spectacular model of the villa was built by Robert Turner (rt_bricks). It’s roughly half minifig scale, but still measures a respectable 96 studs x 64 studs x 61 bricks and has a detailed interior. The house is fantastic, but I particularly like the rock face and the tropical foliage above it. Robert’s description sounds as though it could be from a holiday brochure: “It features a 15 metre infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea, 6 bedrooms, and a contemporary modern design nestled into the edge of a ravine and up against an impressive rock face that penetrates into the house on multiple floors”

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Healy Are Looking as Sturdy as Ever

Architectural guru Erwin te Kortschot is back to creating brilliant LEGO skyscrapers. His most recent is a translation of one of the artist Achilles Gildo Rizzoli’s drawings, a portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Healy in architectural form. Erwin’s interpretation of the sketch into brick form makes a very visually interesting tower.

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Healy

The City & RG-400

I am sure Andrew can provide some translation as to what is actually going on in these cityscapes by 62778grenouille. But really I think the images can speak for themselves.




Absolutely Beautiful.

EDIT (AB): The photo description in Japanese just notes that the train is a mag-lev, and that the builder used LED light sticks from Ikea for the lighting effects.

Minifig Scale LEGO Hebrew Tabernacle

Simon Pickard (brick.spartan) has made a minifig scale model of the ancient Hebrew mobile tent-temple known as the Tabernacle. Working from the Bible’s detailed descriptions of the temple dimensions and contents, Simon makes great use of LEGO’s limited palette of gold pieces to create the Ark of the Covenant, altars, and other accoutrements used in the temple.