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United24 launches five new custom LEGO models of Ukrainian landmarks to support reconstruction in Ukraine [News]

Last November, the first wave of #LEGOwithUkraine custom sets raised 15,000,000 UAH (nearly USD $375,000) for reconstruction in Ukraine, helping to rebuild a country ravaged for more than two years now by Russia’s brutal and illegal invasion. The official United24 charity recently launched a new wave of five sets designed by LEGO builders from all over the world, titled #UKRAINEinLEGOBricks.

The five models are based on landmarks all over Ukraine, from Lviv in the west, the capital Kyiv in central Ukraine, and Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Crimea in the south on the Black Sea. The first wave of custom kits was designed by LEGO builders exclusivley from Ukraine, while this next group proves how much support the Ukrainian people have from all of us around the world — the builders represent the US, Germany, Poland, and of course Ukraine itself.

See all the custom LEGO models you can win by donating for Ukrainian reconstruction