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Return of Spook: YR9 Serval

YR9 Serval

After a brief absence, Tim Zarki aka spook returns with a beautiful microspace build. The scaling of the ship makes it seem very large, though it appears to be only around 20 studs long. Such adept detail work, with the varied angles, the cockpit and the studs out construction. It reminds me of dasnewton’s spaceships only in microscale. Well, I’m inspired. Welcome back spook!

When it is all about fun!!

No great shocker that Karf Oohlu creates some pretty zany fun little creations. But his two latest posts both just made me chuckle :D

First he has his Vegetron (The Chlorofytastic biobot)…this just really made me laugh out loud!!


Secondly he posted his Space Tugboat Samson. Some really creative parts usages going on, specifically with the ‘tractor beam’.

Space tugboat 'Samson'

So next time you feel like you need to have a little giggle, or a chuckle…or even just a smile…browse through Karf’s stream…guaranteed to do the job

Scania R730 “The Dragon”

bricksonwheels is certainly known for his highly detailed LEGO model vehicles. But he turns up the awesomeness knob on his latest build.

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

He said that he was inspired by the custom painted trucks often seen in Scandinavia. After some trial and error, he was able to take a high resolution wallpaper from Magic The Gathering and edit the colours in Photoshop to perfectly match the LEGO colour palette. I think he did a rather remarkable job because it looks as if this was actually airbrushed on the model!!

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

Polarcus Alima Oceanographic Vessel

Continuing on the nautical theme Lego Monster (Ed Diment), who is never one to shy away from a big project, has created this amazing Minifig scale vessel for Polarcus:

Polarcus Alima complete 1

I marvel at the hull design that not only has a beautiful shape but also incorporates some pretty intricate lettering.

Polarcus Alima complete 5

Taking a decent picture of something this big is a real challenge so please check out his photostream for more pictures of this creation (including work in progress images).

Consul Pust Steam Trawler

Konajra (Arjan Oude Kotte) from Netherlands builds a beautiful steam-driven fishing boat. This is one of his 5 ships that will be on display both in Skaerbaek LEGO Fan weekend and LEGO FanWelt in Cologne. If you won’t be lucky enough to visit one of those events, be sure to check all the ship’s details in Arjan’s photos on Flickr. I am most impressed with his brick-built hull and all the strings he used to make it more real.

I was caught in the middle of the railroad track!

…oh wait, nevermind, that is ‘Thunderstruck‘…this is a ‘Thunderclap‘!?!?!

All jokes aside, Nathaniel Rehm-Daly (nate_daly) has built an absolutely stunning spacecraft out of the Star Wars Universe called a BT-7 Thunderclap. I am not familiar with the source at all, but was immediately able to recognize this as a Star Wars ship. Nate has perfectly captured that rough worn aesthetic that we all love.


My favourite aspect of this build has to be the seemless integration of the wing folding mechanism.


This thing totally wouldn’t have looked out place sitting in my toy box circa 1985 :D