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The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am

But I’m sure he’ll be content with Jay Hoff‘s Star Wars diorama made from 30,000 bricks and 388 minifigures. The walls of the hangar are so convincingly realistic that I thought they were cardboard cutouts at first. The shuttle looks like LEGO’s UCS set, which really puts into perspective how large the setup is.

I have to wonder how ACME feels about their products continuously failing against a bird.

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner were my favorite Looney Tunes as a kid, and I was totally excited when I saw this superb rendition this morning. You have to admire the tenacity of a coyote that fails every time, in every scheme, to try and catch this roadrunner. My experience with real roadrunners is that they’re just as confident without the coyote around, too.

Annie Dimet completely captures the essence of the character with this build. It’s appropriately cartoonish and maintains enough of the LEGO look. It’s fantastic. Bravo, Annie!

Thanks for the heads up, Tommy!

L’Entité d’Atlantis

Underwater LEGO dioramas present some unique challenges. For example, how do you illustrate the complex ecosystem present in the water column? Captain Spaulding does this by suspending a variety of lifeforms above the seafloor, but that’s hardly the most notable thing about this creation, built for a contest on the French Brick Pirate forum.

MOC l'Entité d'Atlantis 01

The enormous statue dominates the scene with his heart of gold, while a microscale Atlantean temple creates some forced perspective behind a lovely cuttlefish.

Via Legobloggen.


There are so many things I want to say about this, but mostly, I’m just in awe. This four-section creation by Rook just has so much gorgeous detail.

I’ll start with the obvious: the four parts interlock to create either a tower or fortress, and changes the dynamics for each mode. Then there’s the bone-tree, the “giant” chess set, and the detailing on the towers.

I can’t pick a favorite detail on this. Just take a look and see for yourself!

Thanks for the heads up, Bley Junkie!