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Massive 20-module Great Ball Contraption goes on forever

I generally don’t have the patience to watch Great Ball Contraption (GBC) videos, but I couldn’t tear myself away from this amazing 8-minute engineering marvel by Japanese builder akiyuki.

Nannan suggested I post this because I could read up on some of the design descriptions akiyuki writes about on his blog, but really, this thing speaks for itself and therefore I have nothing meaningful to add…

Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World!

If you’re a minifigure customizer or just interested in making your own custom minifigs, BrickJournal is presenting a book on minifigure customization to be released in May 11. Written by Jared Burks (Kaminoan), the 84-page full-color book is available for $8.46 if you pre-order it from the publisher. Meanwhile, you can download a preview of the book.

Announcing PythonScape at BrickCon 2011 [News]

With our announcement of Numereji 2421, it’s clear the convention season is upon us, but the collaborative display that we’re organizing is hardly the only group build at BrickCon this fall. Iain Heath has just announced PythonScape, a Miniland-scale homage to the wonder and beauty of Monty Python.

"PythonScape" at BrickCon 2011

I’ve already called dibs on the Black Knight, but there are still plenty of funny characters and scenes open for contributions. Following the success of Bricks of Character, I’m sure this is going to be awesome.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game preview on G4

The Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO sets released today reminded me that we’re starting to get footage of the upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game. This video highlights some gameplay and cut scenes, as well a brief interview with Associate Producer Matt Ellison.

The hiss, rattle, and clank of the Remade

War veterans, rejoice!I don’t quite recall who recommended China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station and The Scar (though I suspect the answer is lost in the mists of time). I can’t thank that person enough.

Where my other favorite authors of speculative fiction — unoriginally Bradbury, Clarke, and Asimov — may have One Big Idea that drives the plot of any one novel, Mieville’s writing overflows with such originality that a Big Idea on the scale of those that drive the work of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction might just be a background detail for this up-and-coming master of the “New Weird.”

Wait, wrong blog! Here’s a lovely steampunk gentleman by Pascal reminiscent of the Remade in Perdido Street Station. Awesome!

Portal 2 – ATLAS, P-Body, and the latest Aperture investment opportunity

My lovely wife pre-ordered Valve’s Portal 2 for me, and I’m looking forward to playing it tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the Portal-themed LEGO models emerging from talented builders like Tyler Clites and Ryan (LDM).

EDIT: Of course, these are so timely and cool that we blogged them twice. Well, at least you can watch the video in my post:

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets out now from LEGO Shop [News]

In time for the movie’s release next month, the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

4195 Queen Anne’s Revengeicon has 1,094 pieces and comes with 7 minifigs, including Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, and Angelica.


It looks like a great pirate ship, but I’m most excited by a lot of the smaller sets, such as 4191 Zombie Piratesicon and4192 Fountain of Youth.icon

iconicon iconicon

It’s nice that the Pirates of the Caribbean sets aren’t all vehicles, but 4193 The London Escapeicon does have a couple of cute carriages.


Click the image below to check out the full line:

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