Bricks Helping Japan – Charity LEGO Auctions Update 2

We’re back with more custom LEGO auctions to help Japan! Those of you who were watching may have noticed that all of our auctions ended yesterday, without anything new being added. That’s because it turns out that eBay puts a limit of $5000 per month on new selling accounts, and we broke that number! I spent some time on the phone with eBay, and got them to raise our limit, so laissez les bon temps rouler! Here some of the new auctions:

PotC: Captain Jack Sparrow

The Lady is going up for sale

Japan fund campain usb minifig Nr 2
Once again, here’s the link to all of the on-going auctions to help the Red Cross in their efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific Rim.