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Long before LEGO released Marvel and DC Universe Superheroes sets, LEGO fans were building their own Batmobiles and Batcaves, custom Avengers and X-men. Whether you’re looking for news about the official sets or want to check out some really great custom LEGO models inspired by the world of comic books, you’ve come to the right place.

Hulkbusting out and I’m breaking ground

Hot on the heels of a LEGO Brickheadz-styled Back To The Future DeLorean, we get another “vehicle” for the blocky figures — a chunky chibi Hulkbuster Armour designed to fit Brickheadz Iron Man. This digital creation by ORION_brick is nicely done, with suitably beefy proportions and LEGO’s own Iron Man nestling comfortably inside.

My Perfectionism Will Be My Ruin

We don’t feature a lot of digital renders on the Brothers Brick, generally preferring our LEGO models to be constructed in actual bricks. However, this is a cool idea and, unlike many digital creations, it doesn’t employ too many non-existent part/colour combinations.

My Perfectionism Will Be My Ruin

Avengers: Infinity War LEGO BrickHeadz: Iron Man, Thanos, Star-Lord, & Gamora [Review]

By now, nearly everyone is familiar with BrickHeadz: the chubby cubic caricatures of various pop culture franchise icons. Introduced in 2016 with four limited edition sets, BrickHeadz didn’t become widely available until last year, but in just that short time the theme has spawned 40 different characters. All BrickHeadz are numbered in the same sequence, regardless of the franchise they belong to, and the lastest lineup of superheroes hail from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and are numbered 35-38, slotting in right before Han Solo and Chewbacca that we recently reviewed. The four sets have part counts ranging from 101 to 136, and each retails for $9.99 USD.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these superhero (and supervillain) characters. Although these characters are from Avengers: Infinity War, this review will be spoiler free.

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Infinitely small LEGO Avengers

Massive new Marvel movie coming out? What better way to celebrate than with a set of teeny-tiny LEGO Avengers? I couldn’t resist giving these guys a go in micro/nanoscale. There’s not that many characters you can reduce to this scale and still keep them immediately recognisable, but the distinctive colour schemes of comic book superheroes make it possible. The model is not quite purist — there was a little bit of cutting involved (HERESY!), and two sections are balanced on each other rather than stuck together. But I think it looks cool so I’m begging forgiveness. (Bonus points for any eagle-eyed commenters out there who can spot which piece I cut…)

Infinitely Small

LEGO BrickHeadz 41610 Tactical Batman and Superman from Justice League [Review]

What could be better than one LEGO BrickHeadz character? Perhaps two BrickHeadz characters! So that Super Hero fans aren’t forced to make a hard choice between Batman and Superman, LEGO is offering a very nice-looking duo of the most famous DC heroes in a single box. The new LEGO BrickHeadz 41610 Tactical Batman and Superman is the latest addition to the DC Justice League sets line-up; now the two main protagonists are joining the rest of the team. The set consists of just 209 pieces and retails at $19.99 / € 19.99.

Read our full review of the Tactical Batman and Superman BrickHeadz after the jump

A tale of two Hulkbusters (and a Hulk)

The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition that was released not very long ago gives everyone the potential to be a Tony Stark. However, both versions featured today just might make the official Hulkbuster set look a lot less menacing. They’re distinctly different builds of this monster machine, yet side-by-side they’re remarkably similar at a glance. Interestingly, both are significantly more poseable than the official version.

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The Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy rebuilt in LEGO

The Guardians of the Galaxy (film or comics) have brought many unique and interesting spaceship designs to light, most notably the protagonists’ personal way of transport, the Milano. LEGO has released some of its own versions of the spaceship as official sets but none to nearly the scale or amount of detail as BenFifteenTheChicken‘s recent build. The photography is top-notch, the lighting is amazing and the shadows compliment the shape very well.


The model sports more studs on its surface than is usual, which gives somewhat of a UCS kind of feel to it. Additionally, I think that the angles Ben has used would not work nearly as well if the whole creation was tiled or if he had hidden studs in a different way.


Fans of this model may also enjoy this minifigure scale Guardians of the Galaxy Milano we featured last year.

A lineup of rebel scum is assembled

I’ve always loved LEGO microscale building. It’s all about challenging yourself as a builder to find the simplest and smallest expression of something that remains immediately recognisable. Whilst not exactly regular “microscale building”, I set myself the same challenge with these creations, trying to depict iconic characters in a “minimalist domino” style, using as few pieces and colours as possible. I thought the heroes of the Rebellion would make for an appropriate line-up and I’m pleased with how they turned out…
Rebel Scum - LineUpz
Once I started building in this style I just couldn’t stop — it’s fun, but surprisingly challenging to capture the essence of well-known characters in so few pieces.
Click to see more minimalist characters

Who watches the (LEGO) Watchmen?

Timofey Tkachev has not only created a LEGO version of Rorschach from Watchmen, but he’s also done so at a large scale. Make sure you zoom in on this build to see how big it really is and how the large plates have been cleverly shaped to make the coat that forms the majority of Rorschach. The large, layered bricks used for the tree give it a lot of depth despite it being essentially flat, and the sign being has some nice lettering work.

1 Rorschach New Year

Aside from those large details, there’s a lot of clever little inclusions too. Some constructible character or “constraction” parts are used to create the texture around Rorschach’s neck, the thin clock numbers are actually cleverly positioned lever pieces, and the familiar face pattern uses dragon arm pieces in an intricate build.

Build a SHIELD Helicarrier with less than a hundred pieces [Instructions]

South African builder Wayne de Beer made the rounds a few months back with hisTallneck build from Horizon Zero Dawn that he graciously released with instructions to build your own. Now he’s doing the same with his own microscale version of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier featured in a few of the Marvel movies. It uses less than a hundred pieces and can be made with regular pieces alone, or improved with a few printed pieces and stickers.

The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

Check out the step-by-step instructions for this tiny SHIELD Helicarrier

Batman’s ride tumbles black into action

Batman seems to own more vehicles and contraptions than a superhero would ever need, including the infamous Tumbler. This was originally a prototype armoured tank designed for the military and includes a host of weaponry, plus the ability to boost power and jump over obstacles or gaps. There are a lot of LEGO tumblers around, but this smaller scale Tumbler by The Ka. Lor Project  caught our eye with some nice details and proportions, and importantly it is mainly black.

The Tumbler

There’s some attractive shaping involved in this build, perhaps best admired from a bat’s eye view.

The Tumbler

DC Justice League LEGO BrickHeadz announced, including Wonder Woman & The Flash [News]

To celebrate the Justice League movie opening in theaters today, LEGO has announced that four characters from the Justice League are joining Star Wars as the newest franchise in the popular BrickHeadz line of buildable figures. As with past BrickHeadz, each character will retail for $9.99 USD when they’re available beginning in January.

Justice League Brickheadz

See each of the Justice League characters below

Incredible revenge is best served explosively

They say revenge is best served cold, but it seems like Syndrome is serving up his hot and explosive. monstrophonic has built a LEGO scene from The Incredibles featuring Syndrome and his Omnidroid attacking the superhero family. Our heroes are beating a hasty retreat as some impressive firepower rains down from above. The explosion has been nicely crafted, but it’s the fantastic architecture as the backdrop that makes this street scene truly awesome.

Syndrome's Revenge

The front on image doesn’t quite show the clever angles the builder has used to create a forced perspective effect. The view from above reveals the acutely angled buildings…

Syndrome's Revenge