Life-size LEGO Iron Man model revealed ahead of San Diego Comic-Con [News]

LEGO has taken the wraps off the next life-size brick-built attraction to be displayed at their booth during San Diego Comic-Con this week. This six-and-a-half foot model portrays Tony Stark in his Mark LXXXV suit from Avengers: Endgame wearing the infinity gauntlet, with what appears to be light-up energy effects snaking up his arm. It took LEGO master builders 35,119 bricks and 255 hours to construct.

Check out this time lapse video chronicling the model’s construction, along with more photos below.

3 comments on “Life-size LEGO Iron Man model revealed ahead of San Diego Comic-Con [News]

  1. Guido

    Am I the only person who find these sculptures utterly unappealing? There is almost no skill in putting a 3D model into a computer and then having it generate a model like this which only uses standard bricks. There’s no creative part use whatsoever and so the sculptures utterly lack charm. Couldn’t they at least make a computer that uses slopes and wedges as well as bricks? Or think about varying the surface textures?

    It’s why that famous “lego artist” is so utterly unappealing – the intellectual content of his work is paper thin of course, but what’s worse is the process by which he creates the sculptures is entirely mechanised/computerised, in such a creative and wonderfully adaptive medium.

  2. anothergol

    Same here, I have respect for the “original” model/sculpture, but not its Lego form. It’s not Lego, it doesn’t require any knowledge of Lego, it’s just using bricks as pixels. Zero attempt to produce a smooth shape using different parts. On top of it it requires a frame, even its sturdiness isn’t Lego (while it technically could).

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